The Theme Of Clayton's 'Bachelor' Hometowns Was "Scare Clayton", Apparently

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The Theme Of Clayton's 'Bachelor' Hometowns Was "Scare Clayton", Apparently

Hometown dates on The Bachelor and Bachelorette often feature the lead being scared by tough family members, but that wasn't the case for Clayton. On Monday night's episode, his final four women decided to terrify him with their daytime dates before he ever stepped foot in their families' homes. While having his final dates before fantasy suites, Clayton was put to the test when it came to martial arts, wild animals, and heights with each contestant picking something that seemed to terrify Clayton, but that they were totally comfortable with.

First up was Susie, who has trained in jiu jitsu. "Can't wait to get my ass kicked," Clayton said. Obviously, Susie is much better at this than him and at one point she choked him with her legs to the point that he struggled a little to say that he was okay. As a bonus scare, Clayton was also terrorized by one of the moves being called "shrimping", which gave a startling reminder of Shanae. "We just can't get away from shrimp," he said.

Gabby's date was second, and she took Clayton to the woods before meeting her family. "We gotta make it there first, right?" Clayton said of getting to the evening portion. "I don't know what you have in the wilderness here." When he noticed that their hiking gear included a knife and asked, "Who am I fighting off?" Gabby responded, "There's bears around these parts." Not only that, but because they were in Denver, Clayton also had to face the lower oxygen levels. "Can you handle the altitude?" Gabby asked. Seriously, they all wanted to challenge him in multiple ways. Luckily for Clayton, he was also rewarded with a hot tub session on this date.

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