The Bachelor' Needs To Stop It With The "Random" People Dates

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The Bachelor' Needs To Stop It With The "Random" People Dates

There are a few date activities that are repeatedly used on The Bachelor and Bachelorette: going on a shopping spree, taking a helicopter ride, listening to a performance from a singer no one's heard of. But, there is another date tradition that is just getting worse and worse and needs to stop right now: the "we ran into these random people" date.

These are the dates in which a lead takes a contestant on a one-on-one date, and they just so happen to stumble across a really nice family who let them join them for a couple hours. For instance, on Arie's Bachelor season, he and Sienne joined a family for lunch when they visited Italy under the guise that the family simply "invited them". No, they pre-approved filming in their home and agreed to ask questions to help further the plot of an American reality show.

This date comes into play in episode four of Clayton's season, which takes place in Houston, Texas. His first one-on-one date is with Rachel, who is clearly a frontrunner. Clayton seems to love everything about her from her charm, to her looks, to the fact that she's a flight instructor. They start their date with one typical Bachelor activity, horseback riding, but soon, their horses just so happen to lead them to a yard where a family is having a totally casual cookout with ingredients laid out in a totally normal, not at all precise and made-for-TV way.

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