So, Clayton Ends Up With No One On 'The Bachelor', Right?

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So, Clayton Ends Up With No One On 'The Bachelor', Right?

Clayton is down to his final two contestants on The Bachelor — not that he wanted it that way. During Tuesday night's fantasy suites episode, Susie abruptly left the show after expressing that it was a dealbreaker for her if Clayton was in love with and had sex with another contestant. And he is in love with and had sex with two other contestants. Their breakup was intense, but according to the preview at the end of the episode, "Next week on The Bachelor, the crazy drama begins." You mean to say, this wasn't the "crazy drama"?

The trailer shows Clayton telling Gabby and Rachel that he loves them both and was "intimate" with them both at "the rose ceremony from hell," which leaves them both storming off and crying. It shows a conversation between Gabby and Clayton in which she says, "Your actions speak way louder than words. I can't believe anything you say. Not one thing." It shows Rachel saying, "He’s in love with all of us, so how could it be special at all?" It shows Clayton saying he wishes he never fell in love at all. And it shows Clayton's dad saying this:

Image: ABC

Add all of this up with the previous trailers that haven't shown a single proposal platform, a tweet from series creator Mike Fleiss that says this season is "totally spoiler-proof" , and the vague finale hints from contestants at Monday night's Women Tell All episode, and it seems like there's no way in hell Clayton gets engaged to someone at the end of this.

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