Clues Brendan & Pieper Are Together After 'Bachelor In Paradise'

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Clues Brendan & Pieper Are Together After 'Bachelor In Paradise'

I know I am jumping the gun here since Pieper has not even stepped down onto the beach, but let's all state the obvious: Pieper and Brendan were 100% together before Paradise — or so it seems. While we'll have to wait to see how it all plays out, I'm putting my money on thee 'ole "we were just casually hanging out and distance makes the heart grow fonder" mumbo jumbo.

Poor Natasha. Is it too early to say Natasha for Bachelorette? But I digress... What the people want to know is are Brendan and Pier still together after Paradise? Here is everything we know about their post-beach relationship...

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  • When filming wrapped back on June 30, Reality Steve said that the pair were taking a lot of heat for dating pre-paradise (uh duh, what did you expect would happen?) and decide to leave together before fantasy suites.
  • On Aug. 11, deuxmoi posted that the pair were spotted together in NYC.
  • On Aug. 22, Reality Steve posted this picture of the two of them on vacation in Miami together...
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We cross-referenced their personal social media accounts to confirm that both Pieper and Brendan were on vacation at the time and even wearing the same outfits from the picture above...

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[rich Embed]
  • On Sept. 2, the pair had oddly similar IG stories. (C'mon Brendan, a song and a filter can't get by a low-key sleuth like myself.)

Look at the rocks! Dare I speculate that the pair is together literally right now?

So are these two still together? All signs are pointing to yes. Happy for you guys, and let me know if you need a third wheel in New York, cause I am always free.

Image: ABC/Craig Sjodin

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