Recapping Blake Moynes' Time On Clare & Tayshia's Seasons Of 'The Bachelorette'

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Recapping Blake Moynes' Time On Clare & Tayshia's Seasons Of 'The Bachelorette'

Third Bachelorette is the charm — maybe — for Blake Moynes, the Season 16 fan-favorite who is coming back for another shot at love with Katie Thurston. Is it weird for a guy to crash a Bachelorette season after missing out on an engagement the first time around? Kinda, but it also means we've got a lot of Bach history that could tell us exactly how Blake's arrival will shake up this season. To predict what's going to happen with Blake and Katie, we need to look back on what happened with Blake on Tayshia and Clare's season of The Bachelorette.

Blake started his Bachelorette journey almost one year ago, when he arrived at La Quinta to date Clare. As an early front-runner — he's Canadian and loves animals [insert swoon here] — he was blindsided by Clare's decision to end her season early and get engaged to Dale Moss. When Tayshia arrived, he earned some brownie points for being upfront with her about his feelings for Clare, but being willing to be open to a new opportunity. Eventually, though, his relationship with Tayshia failed to take off, and he was sent home before hometowns. We all thought we'd see him again in Paradise... and then Katie happened. Fans shipped Katie with Blake from Day 1, culminating in his "surprise" arrival to her Bachelorette season. Now that we're all up to speed, here are a few things about Blake's Bachelorette journey that fans need to know before he shows up to sweep Katie off her feet.

Blake Broke A Few Bachelorette Rules

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Blake admitted on Night 1 that he had DM'd Clare before their season started. It was a risk that could have easily earned him the wrath of producers, fans, and every other guy in the house, but Clare admired his confidence, and pretty soon everyone at home did too. However, Blake's desire to prove himself by taking risks like that didn't always pay off. Early in the season, he rubbed guys the wrong way when he interrupted a group date cocktail party he was not invited to during Clare's half of his Bachelorette season.

What this means for Blake & Katie: It's clear that Blake isn't afraid to ruffle feathers in the house, which is good because as a late arrival to Katie's season, he's guaranteed to be Enemy Number 1 (well, assuming Thomas leaves first). On the other hand, we've seen the guys band together against other contestants (RIP Karl), so hopefully Blake has learned how to turn on the charm with the other guys, too. (Also, we already know that Blake contacted Katie before it was announced that she was the official Bachelorette. Bad habits die hard, I guess!)

What Blake Said When Clare Left

Blake was totally thrown off when Clare left her season early, telling the cameras that he felt cheated. "When I found out it was her [Clare], I bought a book on dementia and Alzheimers to understand what she was going through with her mom," he said. "I fully dove in to make sure that I could potentially be that fairytale ending if I got there. Why did I invest so much and not get anything in return?" This... did not go over well with the fans, who called Blake out for being entitled and for disrespecting Clare's decision.

He was also pretty certain that Clare and Dale weren't going to work out, and he was so vocal about it on camera that he later called Clare and Dale to apologize.

What this means for Blake & Katie: His initial reaction to Clare leaving with Dale is really not a great attitude for a guy going on a dating show where he could very possibly have been eliminated Night 1, but at least we know he's dedicated. And, the fact that he reached out to Clare and Dale post-show is hopefully a sign that he's willing to admit his mistakes. And, TBH, buying a book to understand what Clare's going through with her mom is kind of sweet. To prepare for Katie's season, I'm guessing he read up on sexual health and cats.

Blake's Journey With Tayshia

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After his icky reaction to Clare and Dale, fans were surprised by how honest Blake was with Tayshia when they first met. He admitted that he still had feelings for Clare, and asked her to be patient with him. Unfortunately, that meant that their relationship was slower to develop, and she ended up sending him home Week 9.

When they broke up, Tayshia and Blake had to face the fact that the timing just wasn't right on their relationship, something that haunted him for weeks after. "I kept hanging on, you know, that we'd basically blamed it on time. It was never like a full-on, 'No, I don't see this, you're not for me,'" he told Tayshia at the Men's Tell All. He asked if she'd ever thought about the "what ifs" of their relationship — what if they had more time together before the end — and she said that she thought she might have subconsciously still not fully trusted him to get to a proposal because of his previous feelings for Clare.

Blake wasn't totally satisfied, but he decided to end things on a positive note. "When it comes down to it, I can only say amazing things about you, your glow, and everything you bring," he said.

What this means for Blake & Katie: First of all, it doesn't seem great for Blake that his main issue with Tayshia was that they needed more time and he's coming into Katie's season weeks late. Hopefully, he's learned that it's best to dive into The Bachelorette full throttle than with your foot on the breaks. And, if not, then at least we know that if/when he and Katie split, he'll accept her decision with grace, just like he did with Tayshia.

Blake Is Sex-Positive

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Blake will go down in Bachelor history as the guy with the boner in the bloopers. (Honestly, kudos to him for laughing it off at the Men Tell All. I would have probably melted on the spot.) So, it's a good thing he considers himself to be pretty sex-positive. Blake admitted to talking about sex in the house during Tayshia's season, which might have rubbed some guys the wrong way. "Sex isn't a scary topic for me, so no matter how I talk about it, people can get really uncomfortable," he told the Chicks in the Office podcast in February, adding, "This is [why] I like what Katie's about on Matt's season because she's just very open."

What this means for Blake & Katie: Being open and honest about sex is very important for Katie, and the fact that she and Blake are on the same page is a great sign. I just really hope he didn't bring her a vibrator for his grand entrance. I don't think I could take it.


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