Rachel Lindsay Reacts To Matt's Conversation With His Dad On 'The Bachelor'

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Rachel Lindsay Reacts To Matt's Conversation With His Dad On 'The Bachelor'

Barely a week after declaring she would be taking a break from the franchise, Rachel Lindsay returned to weigh in on Matt James' conversation with his dad on Monday night's episode of The Bachelor. (The conversation so hard to watch, it makes everything that happened prior to it this season on The Bachelor look like child's play.) The former Bachelorette was so upset after watching the Fantasy Suites episode on March 8, she hopped on the Bachelor Party podcast to explain exactly why it was so harmful, and what it means for the Bachelor franchise.

Breaking down the conversation, which saw Matt welcome his estranged father to Nemacolin to confront him about not being around when he was growing up, Rachel called out the Bachelor franchise for playing into the stereotype of Black absentee fathers and exploiting their first Black Bachelor. "It shows that you don't care about your contestants, specifically the ones of color, the fact that you were willing to throw him under the bus and exploit him and stereotypes within the black community for, quote, 'good TV,'" she said.

Critics might say that the conversation was actually necessary for Matt to feel comfortable getting down on one knee in the finale next week. But, as Rachel pointed out on Bachelor Party, did we need to see it? (The answer is no.) "Maybe Matt really did need this, but this is a conversation that should have just been for Matt, not for the rest of the world to see," she said.

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