Birthdays Are Absolutely Cursed On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

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Birthdays Are Absolutely Cursed On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

"Last year, I got COVID on my birthday, and this is 10 times worse." Perhaps, on her birthday, Tammy should have gotten the gift of perspective. After all, anything would be better than what she got the day she turned 26 on national television: a break-up aired on national television. Following Tuesday night's episode, it's official: The Bachelor, your spin-off series sees your break-up blue, and raises you the Bachelor in Paradise birthday curse.

Prior to the rose ceremony on Tuesday night, we all watched as the very tall Thomas took on a very tall order: dumping Tammy on her big day. It might not have been an unexpected moment (when Becca beckons, you don't back away) but it was a low moment — and not the first of the season. Remember when Kenny celebrated his 40th birthday with a hot cake? (Literally so hot.) Season 7 BiP birthdays just can't catch a break.

Or, is that all Bachelor in Paradise birthdays? If we rewind all the way back to 2015, remember that Joe Bailey was left serenading himself after Samantha rightfully tossed him aside. And then, back in 2019, Caelynn might have received a rose on her birthday — but it also came accompanied by Dean's break-up and self-elimination, the latter unable to see how their lifestyles could mesh. (Don't worry — they figured it out.)

So is it truly a Bachelor in Paradise curse? Or a Gemini curse? (Talk about being pulled in two different directions.) But June Bachelor in Paradise babies, beware: a birthday announcement might get you a free shot from Wells, but it also might make you lose your shot at love. (S/o Tila Tequila.)

And the van cupcake?

[rich Embed]

Truly the icing on top.

Then again, there are worse things about being Tammy on her birthday. You could be Brendan and Pieper on Tammy's birthday.


The 'Bachelorette' Breakup Curse Strikes Again

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