Are Abigail & Noah Still Dating After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? One Music Festival Reveals All

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Are Abigail & Noah Still Dating After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? One Music Festival Reveals All

If Bachelor Nation gave out superlatives each season, then Bachelor in Paradise's Noah and Abigail would be crowned Purest Couple. They are the sweetest couple on the beach, but that doesn't necessarily mean they survived Mexico. Abigail and Noah haven't confirmed or denied if they're still dating post-BiP, but some new info heavily suggests they might still be together.

Noah and Abigail have, hands down, the most innocent relationship on BiP this season. Their drama is minimal — just a brief breakup a few weeks into dating — and their communication relatively mature for Bach Nation. In fact, they're so sweet and wholesome that they've barely had any screen time in the past few weeks, as the show has focused more on the drama of Jessenia and Chris, or Brendan and Pieper. But through it all, Abigail, Noah, and his necklace collection have been chilling in peace. However, it's long been rumored that the two won't be making it to engagements at the end of the season.

Reality Steve reported on June 30, after filming of BiP wrapped, that Noah and Abigail both left the beach single. That said, it looks like his information might have been wrong. The blogger predicted that Noah would break up with Abigail "before overnights," which has technically already happened. Noah and Abigail briefly split before deciding to give their relationship another shot, so perhaps Reality Steve's scoop was incomplete, and Noah and Abigail leave the beach together after all.

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Rumors about the status of Noah and Abigail's relationship have been mixed. Some people are absolutely, 100% convinced they're together — see: the rumor that they are sharing necklaces IRL — others are less sure. And Noah and Abigail have both definitely been playing into the speculation. But, this weekend at Governors Ball, we might have finally gotten some confirmation.

Bach Alums have truly never met a music festival they didn't like, and the NYC-based Governors Ball is no exception. Over the weekend, starting Friday, Sept. 24, a whole group of Bach alums were spotted at the festival, including , Ivan, Riley, Noah, Demar, Nick Viall, Natasha, Victoria F., Serena C., Chelsey, and Abigail. Both Abigail and Noah were careful not to post photos of each other, and it's possible they each went to the festival with their own groups and never interacted, but that's extremely unlikely. First, there are photos of the groups of alums intermingling all over social media, like when Abigail and Greg Grippo popped up in this fan's post with Nick, Natasha, and Victoria.

But, the most convincing piece of evidence is from The Betchelor Podcast co-host Kay Brown, who shared this recap of her Governors Ball weekend.

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In the video, you can see that Kay spent a lot of time with both Abigail and Noah's groups at the festival, which definitely suggests they hung out. Plus, she also tagged both in the same story over the weekend. (This story has since been deleted, but was saved on Bachelor reddit for posterity.)

Now, it's possible that Noah and Abigail aren't together and are just really good friends, but they're so cute together that I want to believe that, no matter what happens on Paradise, they're still trying to make it work. I just want these crazy kids to be happy.


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