The Lindsay Hubbard pregnancy rumors make sense to me

A lot of Summer House fans have been speculating that Lindsay Hubbard is pregnant now that she's in a serious relationship with Carl Radke. We've analyzed her not drinking (she's been sober for 3 months, she's said), we've analyzed the angles of her photos from her vacation (was she hiding her stomach, etc) and a lot of us expected her to announce her pregnancy on Monday's episode of WWHL. And Andy Cohen, king that he is, understood that many were wondering, and asked how her timeline was going (we all know from the Stravvy situation that she wanted to be pregnant this summer), and Lindsay said that she's taking things day by day (or something along those lines). She certainly didn't look pregnant -- that crop top leather dress tho!! -- but of course, women all show or don't show very differently.

Of course I don't think it's RIGHT to speculate about Lindsay and her journey, but I think for most of us, we're just rooting for her. She's been so open about wanting to have a family -- it was a storyline last year with Stravvy, and it's a plot point this year with her miscarriage revelation and her egg freezing -- and as Lindsay stans, we just want for her what she wants for herself.

I wish Lindsay all the best and I hope she knows that any "rumors" out there about her pregnancy are probably (hopefully!) coming from a place of love and support for our girl.