Amanda’s parents’ house & jobs

I had to bring it up, because that house has my JAW ON THE GROUND. The backyard…. WOWZA! Absolutely stunning. Was that a double staircase I saw? What does Rinna say about Sutton? SHES RICH HUNNY!

Amanda’s parents threw an absolutely stunning wedding. I can only imagine how much it cost. And look, I don’t want to be tacky but, how rich are the Batulas???? I have tried and tried to find out what they do, but Frank Batula (dad) has a very vague LinkedIn… he says he went to the school of “hard knocks.” Lol OK!

I also can’t find out what Donna does, either! But when googling Donna, I did find the sale of the property where they live. It was bought in 2008 and was north of 1M… and then it seems they just completely tore down and rebuilt that stunning home we see today. Estimated to be 6K sq ft. 🙀🙀🙀 amazing.

Anyone have any details on what they do??? I know Frank Jr is in finance… maybe that’s a family business.