Kyle & Amanda's prenup vs. post-nuptial agreement

For the better part of Season 6, we saw Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula agonize over a prenup. Kyle said he wanted one, because his Loverboy investors told him he should get one, and Amanda thought it was planning for a divorce before they were even married.

In reunion trailer, Kyle says they didn't get a prenup. We know that the reunion was filmed April 1, 2022.

I sort of hated the fact that we were lead on to believe that only Kyle would benefit from the protection of a prenup (Amanda's -- and her grandfather's money -- is worth protecting, too).

And yes, they absolutely should establish ownership stake in Loverboy. Seems a given that Amanda would have some options if not shares at this point, but it sounded like she didn't have squat when it came to the equity of the company.

Good news is that a POST-nuptial agreement can serve all the same purposes as a pre-nuptial one.

According to an NYC lawyer: "In New York, postnuptial agreements are very similar to prenuptial agreements. They allow spouses to define their separate property and marital property, establish alimony or spousal maintenance and can also address pre-marital debt. Like prenuptial agreements, they cannot address issues like child support or custody."

"As in Pre-Nuptial agreements, Post-nuptial agreements need to spell out what will take place if the marriage ends. In the absence of such agreement, state law, as interpreted by a judge, after a lengthy and expensive trial., the disposition of assets will be determined under state law, as interpreted by a judge."

Better news for these two -- you can create a post-nup whenever. You can do it the day after your married or 50 years after you're married.

They have puppies and a business to think about!!

Do you think they should get a post-nup, or nah?