Craig and Naomie hookup — and why Paige is still with him

After hearing this from multiple sources I already knew Craig and Naomie hooked up. I wondered why Paige would stay if Craig cheated but i guess technically he didn’t ‘cheat’. Waiting for it to come up on Southern Charm or Winter House. Either way, Paige can do sooooo much better.

The timeline is so iffy to me but it’s clear Paige is fine with Craig’s f**kboy ways. Now the part about Whitney I’m not sure if it’s true.

Here’s the alleged tea straight from Bravoandcocktails:

“Craig and Naomi hooked up in Vegas. It was before Craig and Paige were dating this summer and not during filming but obviously it’ll be discussed on the show because that’s when the cast found out. Naomi moved on to Whitney, some say to get her spot back on the show, who knows. Craig and Paige became exclusive a couple weeks before filming. “