The details of Kyle Cooke's lawsuits make me feel for him

After Monday's Summer House, I had to know about what lawsuits Kyle Cooke is involved with. Our dude sounded and acted stressed out of his miiiind. Slamming the table and yelling at everyone. He's in debt! He's got lawsuits! I'm anxious for him.

So according to the Bravo Docket on Instagram, Kyle faced two lawsuits. One in 2020 and one in 2021. Here's what they report:

1) In Sept 2020, the owner of Loverboy bar (which is a bar in Manhattan's east village) sued Kyle for trademark infringement. He claimed Kyle used the name and that their logos were similar. The owner of the bar wanted Kyle to pay 3x damages for willful infringement. 

The case was settled out of court and dropped in Feb 2021.

2) In 2021, basically, it sounds like a distributor sued Kyle for canceling a contract. More details here. It's messssssy. Kyle then countersued. They settled the case Sept 9, 2021. Amanda and Kyle got married a few weeks later. 😰😰😰

Reading about those cases really made me feel for our drunken Loverboy CEO. As much as Lindsay tries to insist that the "weekend fairy" will whisk away his problems, yiiiiiikes this sounds stressful!!! Obvi he needs a better outlet and can't lash out at people, but idk, I feel for the guy now.