'Summer House' Recap: I'm On Team Hannah & Des Is The Captain

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'Summer House' Recap: I'm On Team Hannah & Des Is The Captain

After last week's Ramonacoaster of an episode, we find ourselves once again talking about Hannah and Luke. But this time it's different: we've added a 45-year-old Irish comedian in to the mix, which makes for a very interesting love triangle. So much happened last week in the Bravo cinematic universe, I literally forgot about the rom-com fantasy that is Stravvy showing up to surprise Lindsay, which is how we open the tenth episode of Summer House, Season 5: "Couples' Retreat."

Let me start by saying: may we all have the confidence of Stephen showing up with pretty large bags for a man who literally just got dumped like, two weeks prior. I need to know what song he had playing on that fucking boombox. And where did he find one? Did he go thrifting for this grand gesture? I need answers. Immediately.

It was also obvious that Kyle knew because of the way he robotically said, “Oh, what is that noise outside?” then shoved Lindsay on the balcony. It had me dying. Subtly is not Kyle’s strong suit.

Speaking of strong, I am obsessed with the fact Lindsay is litty off of like four espresso martinis and is trying her best to seem composed. Also, did Luke Bobby and his Smoky the Bear hat have to fucking watch it all from the balcony like some sort of Cub Scout? Give Stravvy and Hubbhouse some damn privacy while they film this intimate moment for their national television show! The gesture, gotta say, is pretty damn cute. Much better than some damn power point with clip art, because that shit was weeeiiiiirrdd. Snaps for Stravvy.

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