These 'Southern Charm' Filming Secrets Changed How I View The Show

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These 'Southern Charm' Filming Secrets Changed How I View The Show

Whenever I can get any behind-the-scenes insight into how Bravo shows are made, I eat it up. When Dave Quinn's book Not All Diamonds And Rosé came out, I couldn't get enough. I loved hearing what it was "really like" filming some of those infamous scenes on Real Housewives, and how it all worked. There were so many juicy BTS moments, and producer insight, I was like, inject this all into my veins.

And we got some more BTW during Craig Conover's recent press tour for his book Pillowtalk. This week, he said, "As much as a non-Southern Charm book that it is — it’s a balanced book where you do get to see a ton of behind-the-scenes stuff that happened, which I’m really happy the network was OK with because everyone always wonders how we ended up on the show and how our friendships grew and where they were sprouted."

Safe to say, he really puts it all out there, and for that, we thank Craig! Here's what he had to say about the Southern Charm filming schedule and casting process. Which, tbh, shook me a little.


One of the most interesting parts of his interview on the Chicks In The Office podcast was when he talked about the filming schedule for Southern Charm.

Craig also talked about what scenes with Paige DeSorbo were cut from Summer House, and revealed why he and Austen Kroll didn't speak for two months, but to me, it's the filming shit that's really juicy.

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