Here's Why Craig & Austen Didn't Speak For 2 Months After 'Summer House'

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Here's Why Craig & Austen Didn't Speak For 2 Months After 'Summer House'

A few weeks back when Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo made their clubhouse debut during Watch What Happens Live!, Craig said that the events that transpired in Summer House between Austen Kroll, Paige, Lindsay Hubbard, and Ciara Miller "had bigger waves outside of that house." Because of Austen's roll in all of the Summer House drama, Craig said he and Austen didn't speak for about two months in late summer, 2021.

Of course, when I heard that, my ears perked up. Because these two are thick as thieves – they've been on three shows together, they have a podcast together – so to hear that they didn't speak for months on end was a little a shocking. And I had to get to the bottom of it. Which I did.

So, Craig went on the podcast Chicks In The Office recently, and from what Craig said, it sounded like Austen was supposed to join him on the pod, because when it started, Fran Mariano, one of the hosts said, "We did tease a little bit that you were coming and we did say that Austen was coming too, but Austen is not here." And then Ria Ciuffo, the other host of the podcast looked at Craig and joked, "Do you wanna put a statement out for your friend?"

And poor Craig (who thought I'd ever say that), honestly, this man is having to answer for Austen left and right these days.

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