Craig Revealed That Some Big Scenes With Paige Were Cut From ‘Summer House’

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Craig Revealed That Some Big Scenes With Paige Were Cut From ‘Summer House’

Being reality television veterans such as we are, we know that there are certain things that get left on the cutting room floor. I mean, they can't possibly put hundreds and hundreds of hours of footage into a dozen or so episodes over the course of a season. But... it always surprises me to learn about the things they decide to cut.

We all know editors were able to cut out a certain cast member for two episodes on Summer House. And Danielle Olivera told The Dipp about how a lot of her scenes fighting with the cast weren't show, too. (But editors decided to keep in a six-minute-too-long volleyball game? Interesting.)

Anyway, Craig Conover recently went on the podcast Chicks In The Office to promote his book Pillowtalk and of course, the topic of Austen Kroll came up, as well as his relationship with Paige DeSorbo, which ... sounds like it's getting pretty serious.

He also revealed scenes that were cut from Summer House that, had they been left in, might have made me look at Craig and Paige's relationship completely different.

Let me rewind. We have seen Paige and Craig's relationship slowly develop on Summer House throughout the season. But Craig says he hopes Southern Charm, which should be returning soon (ish) shows more of their relationship and story — including their dates.

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