5 Things That Will Happen This Season That Real Fans Will Love

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5 Things That Will Happen This Season That Real Fans Will Love

Hey Siesta Key fans, the show is finally coming back on Thursday, March 10 at 9 p.m. ET and the trailer for the new season is good. This time around, there’s going to be lots of drama and even more newcomers to stir the pot. I know it's been forever since the show has aired (August 2021 feels like a lifetime ago) but trust me, I have a strong feeling it’ll be worth the wait. If you watched the trailer, then you know what I'm talking about. To an extent.

Last season was full of drama (and violence)... fights, drink throwing, bruised egos, heartbreak, you name it, and I’m sure it was in Season 4A of Siesta Key. So what do we have in store for Season 4B?

There’s a lot going on in just the short, one minute trailer, and if you're not totally embedded in the Siesta Key fandom, then you may have missed some subtle – but very important – moments.

Let's unpack all of the small moments that only real fans would have picked up on.

#1 - Are Juliette and Kelsey friends again?

Okay, so we know that Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens have an incredibly messy friendship timeline. Between Season 3A, 3B, and 4A… their friendship was a complete rollercoaster of emotions and betrayal, and the friendship between these two came to a halt when Kelsey went behind Juliette’s back and told her boyfriend Sam Logan to be careful, because Kelsey thought that maybe Juliette was using Sam to get over ex-boyfriend Alex Kompo. Yikes.

Anyway, the Kelsey/Juliette drama intensified last season when Juliette decided to start a rumor that Kelsey’s boyfriend Max Strong was actually an original set up for herself, before Kelsey dated him. This made Kelsey furious obviously, but this wasn’t even the biggest thing that had happened between the two.

The cast actually flew out to the Grenadine islands in order to film during COVID and let’s just say that when this cast is isolated together with alcohol, it was never meant to go well. Juliette was flirting with Max at the bar when Kelsey saw them and confronted Juliette. Juliette and Kelsey were clearly both a little intoxicated, which only made the fight worse. Drinks were thrown and punches were too (by Juliette), which ended whatever friendship they might have had left between them.

Now – what does this have to do with the trailer for season 4B?

Well, in the video we actually see the two sitting together and talking about Juliette’s relationship with Sam. I mean, these two couldn’t even stand to be in the same room as each other and now we see them bonding over a breakup? Does this mean Kelsey and Juliette are friends again?

I know I’m not the only one who missed this duo, but I guess when you’re in Siesta Key, friendships end and rekindle all of the time.

#2 - Is Brandon Keeping Another Secret?

Now we know Brandon is notorious for hiding things and lying, especially in his relationships. If we take a look back all the way to the earliest seasons, he cheated on Madisson and lied about it. The only reason why she found out was because of Canvas. Then, you take a look at the most recent season and he lied to his ex Camila, too. This time, Brandon had gotten another girl pregnant at the same time as getting Camila pregnant. Our hearts broke as we watched Camila tell her friends Juliette and Amanda what had happened with Brandon and why they were no longer together. It was a lot.

Now, in the new trailer, one of the first things we see is Brandon saying that he’s “So tired of lying”... Well, we’re tired of watching him lie if we’re being completely honest. I’m wondering what he’s hiding this season, thought: will it be as big as what he did to Camila? Will he come clean about whatever the secret may be? I have so many questions.

We know Brandon is infamous for his secrets, but what’s even more shady is the way we always find out about his mess from someone who isn’t Brandon. We always seem to find out from the girls on the show when he’s hiding something and honestly, it would be refreshing for him to come clean for once before someone else dishes the tea.

#3 - Amanda Does What She Does Best

So, remember when Amanda was dating her ex JJ? Okay cool, so if you remember that then you obviously remember when they broke up and he brought an 18 year old girl to a party to rub his fling in Amanda’s face… right? If you remember that, then you must remember when Amanda totally put JJ and his girlfriend in their places.

Well, in the new trailer, Amanda seems to be doing the exact same thing with the new girl in Sam’s life and boy oh boy I cannot wait to see that. Amanda is known for being one of the most badass and honest girls on the show and she’s been a fan favorite for that exact reason since Season 1.

Word for word, she tells the new girl on Sam’s arm that she’s nothing but a “trophy rebound” and honestly, if Amanda says it… it must be true. Amanda is one to say it like it is and be totally unapologetic, so if she’s telling you that you’re a rebound then the chances are you totally are. Sorry, I don’t make the rules! (Amanda does.)

#4 - Another Breakup On Another Bench

If you’re a real fan of Siesta Key, then you know that benches are a huge part of the breakups on this show. I mean that quite literally. Almost every breakup or fight has happened on a bench somewhere in Siesta Key and honestly, they’ve become quite iconic.

We know that if a couple is sitting on one, nothing good is happening. Take Alex Kompo and Juliette, for example. When Juliette was “dating” Garett, Alex was practically begging for Juliette to get back together, but Juliette was not having it. She told Alex that Garett was a really sweet guy and she didn’t want to hurt him (even though she totally did), so, Alex did not get the girl and things did not end the way he wanted them to... on the bench.

Madisson and Ish are another prime example of bench breakups. Her family was completely against her relationship with Ish at first, which caused a huge riff between the two. Ish didn’t want Madisson to have to choose between her family and him, so once again… a bench breakup. Though later, they did defy the odds and actually rekindled the relationship on a bench, too, which doesn’t seem to happen very often. Good for them! Two points for the bench, one point for our Siesta couples.

Now in the new trailer, Juliette revisits the bench again and this time it’s with her ex Sam. Though we don’t necessarily know why they decided to meet, we can assume it’s about Juliette’s new beau Clark Drum. Sam was not happy in the trailer when he found out she was seeing someone else and you can feel his anger through the screen.

Sam isn’t one to show his emotions on the show, he’s a man of few words if you will, but he doesn’t seem like he’s holding back this season whatsoever and we are totally here for it. In the trailer, you can see and hear Juliette tell Sam to “shut the f*ck up for five minutes” and “I’m sorry that I hurt you, but am I sorry for doing what I needed to do for myself? No!”... You better tell him, Juliette.

Meanwhile, Sam says he’s “here trying to make this work,” which again, if the timeline I have in my head is right, maybe Sam’s arm candy really is a rebound, Amanda was right, and Sam is still in love with Juliette. Sorry new girl, but everyone in Siesta Key knows that Juliette always wins, it’s a proven fact that only real fans would remember.

#5 - Sam’s Friend Mike Gets In Everyone’s Business

Okay so now that Chloe Trautman is on her journey to a better and more peaceful life, who’s going to stir the pot? Look no further because Sam’s friend (Alex Kompo’s old friend) Mike Vazquez pretty much took the title “Pot Stirrer'' and gave it an entirely new definition. This dude might actually put Chloe’s old ways to shame.

If you’re not familiar with Mike, he was a mutual friend of Sam, Alex, and Juliette’s throughout the seasons of Siesta Key. When Juliette and Sam started dating, he started to make more regular appearances and with that, he started his own drama. Not last season, but the season before, he is actually one of the reasons why Juliette found out Kelsey went behind her back and warned Sam that Juliette might not be over Alex and was probably using him. Now, points for telling Juliette the truth, but damn Mike is like the new president of Total Drama Island right now and he’s slowly voting cast members off one by one.

Sometime last year on Instagram, after Sam and Juliette had broken up and Sam was posting with another blonde, Mike actually exposed Sam and Juliette reuniting and getting super cuddly together at a party. He blasted them on his social media, exposing that they were getting cozy together while filming. Not only did Juliette find out, but she also was furious about it.

In the new trailer, Juliette tells Mike straight up to “stay out of my relationship and stop posting about me.” Mike doesn’t seem phased by her in the slightest, even going as far as making a stink face at her…Wow, Mike. Just keep doing your dirty work, I guess.

I know we’ve all been anticipating a good season because of how freakin’ long they took to film and give it to us, but I’m praying it’s better than last season. Seems like it's going to be.

I'll be covering Siesta Key again for The Dipp – will you be tuning in with us? Lemme know if there's anything I missed from the trailer that we need to discuss.

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