The Way Juliette Treated Camilla During The Brandon/Jordana Thing Was So Messed Up

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The Way Juliette Treated Camilla During The Brandon/Jordana Thing Was So Messed Up

By now, I think we all understand why Siesta Key's Camilla Cattaneo and Brandon Gomes broke up, and while there's gotta be enough heartbreak and resentment there to last a lifetime, it’s definitely safe to say that Brandon still wants Camilla back. She’s shot him down multiple times (good for her!) but it's normal for her to still be hurt and triggered if she were to see Brandon making out with another girl, right? In this case, the girl would be Jordana Barnes.

And Camilla stands to be even more hurt and more triggered by it if he's making out with Jordana because a friend of Camilla's encouraged it all to happen.

Juliette Porter was supposed to be Camilla’s friend, but little did Camilla know that Juliette was orchestrating things behind the scenes that would inevitably hurt Camilla. The shade is nice and cool, but the tea gets hotter and hotter when it comes to Juliette and her messy friendships.

Let's revisit.

Sam Is Mine, Take My Friend's Ex Instead

It feels like on the very first day that we met Jordana on Siesta Key, Juliette made a plan and announced she was going to try to get Jordana and Brandon together... so that Jordana would leave Juliette and Sam’s relationship alone.

Now, even though we didn’t know the magnitude behind Camilla and Brandon’s breakup, it’s still a shitty thing to do to your friend. Camilla is clearly not over Brandon, so why is Juliette actively not thinking of her friend when she does things like this? Like I said in my article about Juliette and Sam, if you get in Juliette's way, you become her enemy.

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