Sam Doesn't Stick Up For Juliette On 'Siesta Key' & That's A Problem

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Sam Doesn't Stick Up For Juliette On 'Siesta Key' & That's A Problem

We’ve all seen some wild stuff on Siesta Key this season. There was Chloe Trautman quitting, Brandon Gomes becoming a dad, Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens fighting, Madisson Hausburg pre-nupping, etc. But honestly, I feel like it’s time to talk Sam Logan, Sam Logan-ing.

Sam and Juliette are pretty cute together (if, you know, dressing up like Britney Spears on private jets is your thing) but lately their ship seems to be getting hit by iceberg after iceberg. Between Jordana Barnes, Kelsey, and $10,000 paintings, they’re at a major fork in the road, and Sam isn't doing himself any favors when he puts Juliette on the back burner just so... just so what? He can avoid conflict?

Let’s acknowledge the top three times Sam weirdly took another girl’s side (or no one’s at all) over Juliette.

#1 That $10,000 Painting Of... Jordana

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On like, Episode 2, Sam decides to surprise Juliette with a major gift. So cute, right? Wrong. Juliette basically has to sit still for hours while being portrait- painted by Jordana Barnes, who is Sam’s ex-fling. They hooked up before Juliette started dating Sam and it’s safe to say Jordana is still, like, around, you know?.

Flash-forward to the painting reveal and ummm, it is literally a portrait of Juliette’s body with Jordana’s face. Jordana claims that it only turned out that way because Juliette wouldn’t sit long enough for the painting to be finished, so Jordana used herself to help get the job done.

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