This Is Now A 'Siesta Key' Camilla & Will Ship Account

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This Is Now A 'Siesta Key' Camilla & Will Ship Account

We all knew that in theory, the ship had sailed for Brandon Gomes and Camilla Cattaneo on Siesta Key, but now? It’s definitely blown past any sort of safe harbor and has headed straight into a hurricane. On Wednesday's new episode of Siesta Key (Season 4, Episode 4), we learn a lot about what really happened between Brandon and Camilla and the truth is as heartbreaking as it is shocking. And no surprise, Brandon comes across looking like a complete and utter trash human.

In the beginning of the episode, we see Camilla sit down with Amanda Miller and Juliette Porter as the ladies chat about going to a private island for a month. (The retreat to Palm Island in the Grenadines is mainly a work around so that they can continue to film the season while not being a COVID risk to themselves and others. Just a bunch of kids with rich parents sending them to a private island while the world burns! No big deal.)

Anyway, as the chat goes on about how it’s going to be hard for Camilla to avoid Brandon on a small secluded island, to which they will take a private jet, she opens up like she never has before. A shaken and heartbroken Camila tells her friends that she was pregnant at the same time as Delainey Shae, the mother of Brandon’s son. But this pregnancy doesn’t end with a bouncing baby boy who loves smoothies.

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