3 Times Chloe's Truth Bombs On 'Siesta Key' Changed Everything

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3 Times Chloe's Truth Bombs On 'Siesta Key' Changed Everything

Word gets around quick in any small town, but in Siesta Key, Florida, word gets around faster than one of Sam Logan’s leopard-print Lamborghinis. And, to be honest, the rumors are often just as flashy and flamboyant. But behind these wild whispers is one young lady with an eye for co-ords and headbands and that, of course, is Chloe Trautman. The Siesta Key star may not have a billion dollars, but when it comes to secrets, she is rich, honey.

Chloe’s behind some fan-favorite moments on Siesta Key and there wouldn’t be a show if it weren’t for her. No Chloe = No drama = No viewers. Chloe is the hero (or anti-hero, depending on how you look at it) of Siesta Key. She’s like Lady Whistledown, Dan Humphrey and... actually, nevermind. Chloe is one of a kind. Chloe is Chloe.

She’s spread rumors, gossip, and truth bombs all over town for years, but there are three Chloe Moments that really stand out against the rest. Here are the top three times Chloe told a secret she was never meant to keep.

#1 – Send Me Your Location

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Chloe noticed on Snapchat that Kelsey Owens, who’d forgotten to turn off her location, was still at Garrett Miller’s house the morning after a big night out. (This, of course, happened after Juliette Porter and Garrett had had their thing.) Chloe confronted Kelsey in the pool at a party and gave her the chance to come clean, but Kelsey claimed that she could explain – she only fell asleep on his couch and nothing else happened.

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