'Siesta Key's Kelsey Owens: "I Didn't Sign Up To Get Bullied"

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'Siesta Key's Kelsey Owens: "I Didn't Sign Up To Get Bullied"

I think we're all still a little shook after last Wednesday's episode of Siesta Key, in which Juliette Porter punched Kelsey Owens in the face. And here, in the final part of my interview with Kelsey, it's now very understandable why she told me a couple of weeks ago that she's felt disconnected from this season. I didn't know when we spoke that we'd see Juliette attack Kelsey, but it's clear from my chat with Kelsey that she's still recovering from the repercussions of what went down in the first half of Season 4.

In part one of our chat, we talked about where she stands with Juliette now, and in part two, we discussed the Cara of it all and the bizarre rumor that Max somehow "belonged" to Juliette first. And here in part three, Kelsey and I discuss watching this season, what it's like to be a reality star, and the book she's reading that might change your perspective on, well, everything.

Enjoy this, the final part!

Tori Rios for The Dipp: Have you been watching the episodes?

Kelsey Owens: Yeah, I have but I've been a little more disconnected this season. Normally I'd be live-tweeting and all that, but this season was a little bit harder for me personally. So I just kinda stayed off social media when it comes to the show, just so I don't get completely sucked into all of it. It's been crazy and the craziness is just starting. I think with the island fans are going to be pleasantly surprised by everything that's going to go on.

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