Here's A Very Sobering Look At Juliette Porter's History Of Choosing Violence

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Here's A Very Sobering Look At Juliette Porter's History Of Choosing Violence

Siesta Key star Juliette Porter has a temper problem, that much we know, but the way she slapped Kelsey Owens clean across the face on Wednesday night's episode (titled "Things Will Never Be The Same") was shocking nevertheless. Her actions were aggressive, mean-spirited, and not OK. When Juliette's got a cold glass of Chardonnay in her hands, things can get messy – adding alcohol to any heated situation can definitely start a fire – and Juliette’s explosive moments are no exception. And fans have had it.

It's clearly a double-standard – Juliette is a very petite and beautiful blonde woman who gets away with violence because ... why, exactly? Because she seems unthreatening? Because she's a necessary cast member? The thing is, should either of those reasons, or any reason, be reason enough to excuse clocking someone in the mouth?

Take The Real World/Road Rules Challenge, for example, which is another MTV product. As soon as any of that cast gets violent (outside of the sanctioned challenges, of course) the assaulting cast member is sent home. Here's a whole list of Challenge cast members who were sent packing for stuff like hair pulling and slapping, two things we've definitely seen from Juliette. And yet.

Plus, during her "accountability" talk with Serena Kerrigan on Wednesday's episode, Juliette still didn't seem to acknowledge the urgency with which she needs to face whatever it is that causes her to get violent.

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