'Siesta Key's Kelsey Reveals Her Current Status With Juliette

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'Siesta Key's Kelsey Reveals Her Current Status With Juliette

It's my journalistic duty to let you know that Siesta Key star Kelsey Owens have met before. In 2018, MTV asked me to announce the premiere of Season 2 at their headquarters in Times Square, and Kelsey and I met briefly there. Ever since, we've exchanged DMs as the seasons have gone on, but this is our first official interview, and I can't wait to share it with you all.

In part one of my three part conversation with Kelsey, we talk about the photoshoot drama that went down in Episode 5 and where she stands with Juliette Porter now.

In parts two and three, we discuss her feelings about Max Strong, what her friendship with Chloe Trautman is like now, what happened when a fan almost choked at her table, and Kelsey gets honest about the trolls online.

OK, on to part one!

Tori Rios for The Dipp: How did you feel going into Season 4, especially with everything going on between you and Juliette? Were you nervous? Were you ready?

Kelsey Owens: I honestly like... I was in a good spot going into the season, and I think I thought that Juliette and I were in a lot better place than I guess we were. So, I wasn't really too nervous. I thought we were on OK terms, but it kind of took a turn for the worst. I definitely went into it with an open mind.

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