Is It Time To Be More Open To A New & Improved Juliette Porter?

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Is It Time To Be More Open To A New & Improved Juliette Porter?

Good news: Juliette Porter is back on the show after two long weeks away, and with her return came a lot of emotions, unexpected moments, Range Rovers, and apologies. But did any of it mean anything?

During the opening of Wednesday's episode, we see Juliette sit down with her mom and talk about how she was going to handle her situation with Kelsey Owens, after, you know, having punched/slapped Kelsey in the face a mere three episodes ago. Anyway, Juliette’s mom did not beat around the bush. Talking to a tearful Juliette, Mrs. Porter told her daughter that Juliette needs to apologize if she ever wants to make amends.

We love when the parents are shown on Siesta Key because not only do they give the best advice, but they’re also the only sober and sane ones. No shade, but let’s be real. When isn’t this cast too drunk or too overly worked up to make any kind of rational decision?

Now, in a quick clip we see Juliette talking to a therapist (over video chat) about how to handle all of the emotions that seem to just explode out of her at any given moment, and how she handles those explosions by taking it out on the people around her. Example? When she pulled Chloe’s hair in Season 3 over a guy who no one even remembers. (I seriously have to google Robby Hayes – Juliette’s ex – every time I even mention him in one of these articles. Like, who even is this guy?)

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