'Siesta Key' Recap: Wherefore Art Thou Juliette?

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'Siesta Key' Recap: Wherefore Art Thou Juliette?

On the new episode of Siesta Key, the cast is back in Florida from a very exhausting island trip. Not much happened in this one and there wasn’t a whole lot of drama to talk about, but I did have a few things I wanted to chat about with all of my fellow fans. Some cast members are back from quitting the show, some are missing, and some are changing their entire futures.

Juliette Is MIA

Juliette was a no-show in this episode and you might be wondering why. Well, that’s simply because even though she is one of the main cast members, MTV seems to pull people from on-camera work after attacking other cast members on their shows. Take The Challenge for example, some cast members have been banned from the network.

This most likely will not be permanent. Juliette is the main girl on the show who brings in tons of views, ratings, and drama. She is the new ticking time bomb of Siesta Key since Cara made amends with the cast.

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Now onto my issue... For most of the episode, the cast was putting everything that happened on the island onto Kelsey’s shoulders while making excuses for Juliette and her violent behavior. Even Chloe, who wasn’t even there when it happened. Now, the cast has been super shady before, but this is an all-time low even for them. Juliette attacks someone and she is the one being protected? Not OK in the slightest.

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