'Sex And The City' Spin-Offs That Didn't Make The Cut

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'Sex And The City' Spin-Offs That Didn't Make The Cut

If you’re anything like us, when HBO Max announced the new Sex and the City limited series, And Just Like That..., you had a lot of questions. Like: did Carrie ever learn to use a computer, or does she just have her intern print out tweets? Is Charlotte an Instagram momfluencer who, due to her own earnest, hopeful nature, accidentally got pulled deep into a corrupt yoga pants MLM? Is Samantha hard at work in a secret lab miles below the earth’s surface, fine-tuning a sex position she calls the “double-reverse human centipede,” and that’s why she isn’t in this reboot?

But your biggest question is likely this: why did it take so long? The answer doesn’t have to do with budgeting or the changing cable landscape, as some people will have you believe; rather, HBO has been trying to develop a spin-off for 16 years, and this is simply the first one that clicked. And my industry connections have slipped me the pitches for all the other SATC spin-offs that didn’t quite work out.

Oh, you don’t “believe” me? Mostly because my sources are “myself”? And my industry connections are also myself (a person who has no industry connections and is also currently blogging in a stained Crystal Pepsi promotional t-shirt)? Fine, be that way. But ask yourself: would our lives have all been better if we’d just let Skipper Johnson have his own show in 2012?

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