Everything That's Changed In The 'SATC' Reboot Trailer

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Everything That's Changed In The 'SATC' Reboot Trailer

"They say some things never change," Carrie Bradshaw's voiceover says in the new And Just Like That... teaser trailer for HBO Max. But in fact, a lot has changed for the four — sorry, three — friends whose lives we've followed since 1998. People have come and gone, relationships have ended, and more importantly, there's not a Cosmo in sight.

So to celebrate the return of Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte — and, of course, all of the fabulous people who are still within their social circles, ahem — on Dec. 9, when the season's first two episodes premiere on HBO Max, we decided to clock all of the noticeable changes featured in the brief, but telling, 50 second trailer.

Carrie Podcasts Now

For a woman who didn't know how to log on to her email, this is a major step. Let's hope she's not phoning up Louise from St. Louis for help on saving the audio files, right?

The Children Are Old

Rose Goldenblatt
Lily York Goldenblatt
Brady Hobbes

Nothing says the passage of time quite like seeing 'lil Brady towering over his parents in a closet.

Picnic For Three, Please

It goes without saying that the most obvious "change" is the fact that Samantha is missing from the group. But we've talked about that ad nauseam here, here, here, here, and here.

They're Not Drinking Cosmos

Considering Sarah Jessica Parker didn't even like the Cosmopolitan, I'm happy on her behalf. But yes, drinking a spill-able, sugary drink in 2021 would feel out of place — bring on the Cava Brut or, even better, a natural orange wine, please!

Anthony Got Upgraded To Brunch

Much easier to get a four top than a three top in New York these days.

They Ladies Are Going To Concerts

Gone are the days of going to a club called "Bed," which given the number of years that have gone by since last seeing the women, seems like a much more preferable choice to me. Now, the women are spending their evenings dancing the night away at jam-packed concerts.

They're Still Waiting For A Table, Though

[video Embed]

Samantha would be rolling over in her grave.

Images: HBO Max

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