Let's Replace Samantha Jones With Amalita Amalfi In 'And Just Like That'

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Let's Replace Samantha Jones With Amalita Amalfi In 'And Just Like That'

This episode is a place for legends. And that legend is Amalita Amalfi. In the latest installment of Shortcomings, Chris and Sam discuss their own professional prices, reveal a fondness for French architects, and... well, they just really like Amalita Amalfi. She was an absolute icon. Amalita bursts onto the screen in Season 1, Episode 5 of Sex And The City in bright colors, with a long cigarette and a laugh that makes Carrie Bradshaw sound like she is the queen of comedy.

That's the other thing: Carrie really annoys Sam this episode, the eye rolls were running rampant through this entire episode as Carrie stayed dizzier than ever and contemplated not taking the $1000 a beautiful man left for... as a "gift."

The girls come over and discuss this and it becomes another conversation about power dynamics and how it relates to sex and money. Samantha stays woke when it comes to being a sex positive friend and Miranda, well Miranda is just cruel this episode. Listen, Sam is no fan of Skippy as you know but my god, Miranda. Figure that out.

We’ll be back next week to recap with recap Episode 6, "Secret Sex." Until then, you can rate and review us wherever you listen!

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