The Easter Eggs In 'And Just Like That' Are For The Real Fans

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The Easter Eggs In 'And Just Like That' Are For The Real Fans

The time has finally come: On Thursday morning HBO Max dropped the much anticipated Sex And The City reboot And Just Like That... and honestly, I fucking loved it all. Seeing our girls back on our screens in New York City was a gift. But what I loved most of all is all the little easter eggs And Just Like That gave us. The minor subtle call backs to previous Sex And The City moments meant so much to us real fans.

Here are all the ones I clocked in the first two episodes of And Just Like That. There was, of course, to start, Carrie saying "hello, lovers," to her shoes, but that was an obvious one. Let's examine the more subtle call backs.

Spoilers ahead, FYI!

Bird In Her Hair

When Carrie Bradshaw married (or tried to marry) Mr. Big the first time, she famously wore a bird on her head. And in the first scene we get the very first call back to that.

Charlotte's Entryway Table

So many important moments have happened in this foyer: Carrie and Charlotte got in a fight over Charlotte not offering to help Carrie buy her apartment back, and Trey attempted to rekindle their romance and came on her leg, just to name two. All happened right here, folks.

Carrie's Books

What I love about this scene is the that we know Carrie and Mr. Big now live together, but she still has her wall of books in her entryway, and it is very Carrie. The way they are stacked is kind of a mess, and he is normally so put together, so you know it's all her.

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