What’s Carrie’s workout in the original series?

We’ve seen Carrie in enough crop tops to know she is stacked. Yet, we never see her character work out. So what do we think she does for a work out when we aren’t watching?

We know she buys Vogue instead of food, so she doesn’t have much cash to work with. So while she would likely love an Equinox experience, no way she can afford it. I can’t imagine she would ever be seen in a Planet Fitness, and YouTube didn’t exist during Seasons 1-6, so there’s no way she was googling yoga or Pilates videos. And though we know Charlotte runs, we never see her do it with Carrie.

And don’t tell me she’s born with it. Those abs and shoulder blades don’t come naturally. Especially not with McDonald’s.

Does she use her press pass, perhaps, for free entry into classes? Does arranging her closet simply break a sweat?