'Sex And The City's Carrie & Aidan Are Friends — At Best

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'Sex And The City's Carrie & Aidan Are Friends — At Best

Not every ex is the one that got away or is meant to stay in your life forever. You love each other, you grow, and you move on. So when it was announced by Page Six that Aidan would be in the Sex and the City reboot, well I had some concerns. Why? Because when it comes to Carrie's love life, she and Aidan are friends. At best.

In the case of Carrie's one true love, I think we should just let this sleeping dog lie. The beloved celebrity gossip Instagram account DeuxMoi shared a blind item back in January that said, a "reboot will eliminate one of the main characters [sic] love interests so that they can bring back their one true love." It wasn't confirmed to be about SATC, but when the news came out that Chris Noth (probably) wouldn't be in the reboot, it felt more and more likely. But does that make Aidan her one true love? I'm not buying it... even though I would personally consider buying one of his custom leather chairs.

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You can't deny that Carrie and Aidan had a spark when they first met at his furniture store. But they tried the whole rigamarole of a relationship already, twice by my count. Including a broken engagement Carrie never wanted in the first place and she shirked the second Big entered the picture again. Aidan was just never the guy she wanted to fully commit to in her heart of hearts. She knew it then and she knew it when she saw him again in Abu Dhabi.

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