5 Things To Know About Emma From 'Selling Sunset' — Beyond Her Feud With Christine

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5 Things To Know About Emma From 'Selling Sunset' — Beyond Her Feud With Christine

The Selling Sunset producers could teach a masterclass in stirring up drama, as evidenced by the introduction of Emma Hernan in Season 4. Emma blows into the Oppenheim Group office like a hurricane in the season's second episode, which leads to Christine bringing up some major beef from the past. It seems the two women were both engaged to the same man at some point, and there was some overlap in their relationships (which sounds like the mystery dude's fault, not Emma or Christine's, but I guess watching them dunk on him together doesn't make for good TV?). As a result, Christine is livid when Jason reveals he's bringing Emma into the office to take over her desk while she's on maternity leave.

It's all very calculated, and even though Christine and Emma have both moved on — Christine has a baby this season, I mean come on! — a good portion of the season is spent rehashing their past guy drama. That means it's hard to get to know the newest cast member beyond her rivalry with Oppenheim Group's most notorious realtor. One thing Emma does mention repeatedly is that she's in charge of her own empanada empire, EmmaLeigh&Co, but there's so much more to the Selling Sunset newbie beyond empanadas and her messy relationship history.

1. Jason & Brett Encouraged Emma To Get Into The Real Estate Business

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Even though Season 4 marks her Selling Sunset debut, Emma has been working with The Oppenheim Group since at least 2018. In fact, she was friends with Jason and Brett before she became a realtor, and it was the brothers who encouraged her to get her license.

"I got into real estate three years ago when I bought my first property and I bought it with Jason," she told Nylon in October. "I was always going around looking at real estate with Jason and Brett every weekend and they were like, 'You have to get your license. You pick up knowledge like a sponge.' And I thought, you know what? That makes sense. I’m going to be buying more property myself, whether it be an investment property or property for my family or whatever it may be and and that's how I transitioned into, 'OK, I’m gonna focus on getting my license.'"

Once she did get her license, she immediately went to work for The Oppenheim Group, so it's clear her history with the rest of the cast runs deep, even though this is her first time on the show.

2. In Addition To Being A Realtor & Running An Empanada Empire, She's Also A Model

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All of the women on Selling Sunset have multiple jobs, but Emma's résumé is extra impressive. Not only is she the CEO of EmmaLeigh&Co and a realtor, she's also a model as well. In January 2015, she was named Miss COED, and she cites modeling as one of the ways she was able to build herself a nest egg early on in life, alongside nannying and working typical teen jobs like scooping ice cream.

3. Emma Is Also An Angel Investor

While she's clearly savvy with her money, Emma also knows how to give back. Early on in Season 4, she mentions that thanks to building an investment portfolio as a teenager, she was able to keep her family's company afloat during a rough patch. But that's not the only time she's helped someone else's business grow. In her Instagram bio, she mentions that she's an angel investor, which means she invests in small start-ups at the ground level to help other people get their own businesses up and running.

4. Her Dog Really Is Her Best Friend

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I have to admit, Emma's assertion that she only flies private because it's easier and she has a big dog sounded ridiculous. But then I saw her dog, and now I too only want the best for Benny. Here's the thing, it's clear from her Instagram that Emma wasn't exaggerating at all about how much she loves her dog.

Benny is definitely her best friend and the number one man in her life, which is probably why she seems way more over the whole dating-the-same-guy fiasco than Christine is. I mean, come on, no man could compete with Benny! Just look at that adorable face.

5. She's Basically A Real-Life Kristy Thomas From The Baby-Sitters Club

Listen up, BSC fans, Emma is a real-life Kristy Thomas. She began babysitting and nannying in her early teens, but rather than squander her money on clothes and magazines like I did, she actually turned her first career into an investment opportunity. "When I was in middle school and high school, I’d always nanny," she said to Nylon. "I was taking care of this family and the husband did very well. He had gone to Harvard and was into the stock market and when I put the kids down to nap, instead of watching TV, I would look at all these stocks he was investing in and I kind of became infatuated with what he was doing."

From there, she taught herself all about the stock market and investing, and now, at 29, she's the CEO of her own company. Kristy would be so proud.

Don't let all of that silly boy drama fool you, Emma is a total boss, and she has the résumé to prove it.

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