An Attempt To Track Heather's Stress Rash On 'Selling Sunset', Brought On By Christine

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An Attempt To Track Heather's Stress Rash On 'Selling Sunset', Brought On By Christine

Conflict is not for everyone. Especially among the Selling Sunset agents working at The Oppenheim Group. While the drama in earlier seasons was a little low stakes, Season 4 really turns up the heat on Christine Quinn and her devolving relationships with almost everyone at the agency, even Jason and Brett who seem more and more wary of her as the season progresses. One previously tight relationship that's broken is between Christine and Heather Young, and things are so stressful between the two of them that the latter admitted to getting a stress rash every time Christine's name comes up.

It's hard to blame her either, given how intense Christine can be and how bizarre and messy some of her beefs are. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what went wrong between Heather and Christine, but it seemingly all started with Christine's behavior in the office and then blew totally out of proportion when Christine told Page Six that Heather and her fiancé Tarek El Moussa would call paparazzi on themselves, likened them to Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, and called Tarek stupid.

Despite her barbs, Christine feels like Heather betrayed her by getting closer and closer to Mary Fitzgerald and Chrishell Stause, even though she continuously pushes Heather away. So, it's messy. So messy in fact, that Heather can't take it anymore, telling Chrishell that she gets a stress rash when she talks about it and you can clearly see the rash forming on her forehead.

So I decided to look at multiple instances where Heather is confronted with Christine Quinn-induced stress — whether it be her surprising presence at a dog's birthday party, or just her name coming up in conversation at the O Group's office — and see if I could track the stress rash.

Dry Eyes, But No Stress Rash

A lot of Heather's stress seems to stem from not inviting Christine to the wedding and also managing how Tarek feels about Christine. This is flustering Heather to no end. In addition to stress rashes, while talking about Christine in the office, all of a sudden Heather's eyes dry up. However, not a stress rash to be seen. (Luckily, a very eager Chrishell is there with some drops to help her friend out.)

No Stress Rash... Yet

In this case, I'm going to chalk up the lack of stress rash to makeup, as this was an O Group dinner, and we all know that the women are coming in full glam. Perhaps by the end of the night, while the makeup has rubbed off and the wine has flowed and the Christine chatter has become the only topic of conversation, Heather's stress rash made an appearance like Emma did at the dinner.

All Smiles, No Stress Rash

I'm really starting to wonder about this stress rash. I wanted it to be an Easter egg for all Selling Sunset fans, but alas, Heather is cool as a cucumber at Mary and Jason's dogs' birthday party when Christine crashes.

No Rash, But Something Is Going On

Again, she's got a ton of makeup on. But Heather's reaction at the finale party is basically a walking stress rash. So much so that she storms out with Tarek, breaking the fourth wall, and de-mic'ing herself as fast as she can.

See what I mean about Tarek getting in on it, too? No matter where you stand on the drama among the Oppenheim Group agents, it's clear that being around Christine is literally, physically hard on Heather. Now all we have to do is wait for Christine to watch that scene and probably say something mean about it.

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