Christine Quinn's Most Outrageous 'Selling Sunset' Fashion Moments Aren't Cheap

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Christine Quinn's Most Outrageous 'Selling Sunset' Fashion Moments Aren't Cheap

In Episode 6 of Selling Sunset season 4, Christine Quinn says in one of her confessionals that she feels that her fashion sense has gotten more maternal and less "hoe-y" since having a baby. She takes it back almost immediately as the show cuts to a scene of her in a formfitting jumpsuit with an oversized white blazer, trimmed with pearls. Nah, she's still flaunting everything she's got.

And she has got a lot. Aside from her drama with Mary and Emma, most of Christine's storyline this season revolves around her making sure everyone knows a pregnant woman can wear heels thankyouverymuch and that afterwards, there is no reason to dress like Malibu Mommy Barbie. Every garment and accessory serves as a not-so-quiet fuck you to those who think she's going to let anyone, whether its Mary Fitzgerald or her frenemies', expectations about how to appropriately "bounce back" postpartum, keep her from being as fabulous as she thinks she is.

From her designer tumblers to purses made of pearls, here are some of the most extreme Christine fashion moments from Season 4.

The Chair Purse

In one of her first Season 4 looks, a very pregnant Christine tours a home with Jason, who takes way too long to notice her $940 Area crystal chair purse. "It's not supposed to hold anything, it's a fashion statement," she tells him, as if it makes all the sense in the world.

Her "Highlighter" Look

Christine pops into the office for the first time in a hot pink crop top and pant set, complete with a neon green clutch. Amanza was not wrong to say that she looked like a highlighter set.

The Dress You Can't Sit In

Watching Christine maneuver her way into a low cafe chair in a dress literally built for someone with Barbie's body proportions is like watching an artist paint a masterpiece in real time. (P.S., her dress is by designer Molly Gilliland.)

The Louis Vuitton Thermos

After doing one hell of a power yoga session mere days after her emergency C-section (how?!), Christine takes a swig from her $2,000 Louis Vuitton thermos in its leather carrying case.


While these aren't all that extreme, it was just nice to see Christine channel Dorit Kemsley, the only other woman in Beverly Hills who could rival the Selling Sunset star's looks, with her Chanel earring set. (Or RHONY's Luann de Lesseps, but she prefers to wear her CHA-NEL earrings as NEL-CHA.) Also, the pearls and plaid sweater do add to the perfect Mommy Dearest-vibe, as if she were about to drop off muffins to her co-workers instead of shade and a very questionable story about someone stealing her reported fiancé seven years ago.

Her Baby

While it might not be a statement bag, Christine does manage to pop out with her baby when it fits.

Pearls & Pacifiers

OK, maybe the baby is real, because it gives her a chance to go shopping for diamond encrusted pacifiers at Rock Star Kids in Beverly Hills. Her son is definitely going to need some accessories to match his mom's Versace co-ord set taste, which on this shopping trip included a pearl clutch. It's unclear which one Christine is carrying, but you can get a knock-off on Amazon for just $25 or a more high-end one for $400 from Nordstrom.


Christine strolls in for drinks and gossip rocking these custom made-to-order Kandee thigh high boots with "RICH AF" down the calf. (The LaQuan Smith bodysuit starts at $450 for the top part.)

The Dog Party Outfit

If you're going to crash a dog's birthday party, why not don a jumpsuit in a Renaissance-inspired jumpsuit (by Alejandro, $529) and Dolce & Gabbana bag made for a queen ($8,995)? I don't know that any monarch would approve of her party etiquette, but it's clear that Christine considers herself rich and regal AF.

Images: Netflix

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