12 Chrishell & Jason Moments From 'Selling Sunset' Season 4 That Tease Their Upcoming Romance

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12 Chrishell & Jason Moments From 'Selling Sunset' Season 4 That Tease Their Upcoming Romance

It was a major letdown to hear that Selling Sunset Season 4 wouldn't be tracking Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim's budding romance after they went Instagram official over the summer. But judging from the teaser trailer at the end of the latest season, Selling Sunset Season 5 will most definitely be focused on Chrishell and Jason's new relationship and how the other women feel about it. And after going back and re-watching, I have a working theory: Chrishell and Jason have definitely been fucking for a minute, and she's going to spend all of next season explaining the relationship's timeline.

It was very apparent in Season 4 that Chrishell is now Jason's favorite, much like his ex Mary Fitzgerald used to be. They appear closer than ever and he has a protective air around her, notably when she was putting an offer in for her new house. Also, every time she spoke about men, or openly flirted with her new client, Simu Liu, Jason was visibly agitated or at least tossed out a longing glance. Chrishell was also prone to some longing glances of her own.

I don't care what these two say come Season 5 about when their relationship started, these two have been canoodling for some time now. Don't believe me? Here's every single moment that proves they have most definitely seen each other naked long before they planned on telling the other agents they did.

It All Started Back In Season 3

Was he just being a good boss about giving her time to process her divorce? Or was he already plotting on seeing one of her pastel skirts on the floor of his heated bathroom floors? We all know what that look is.

When She Jokes About His Type

When he announces that the Oppenheim Group's latest hire is Vanessa Villela, a former soap star, Chrishell cracks a joke about his proclivity for hiring tall, blonde women...and if not tall and blonde, at least a former soap star, much like Chrishell herself. She already knows not to be jealous, because he's already taking her on clandestine dinner dates. Prove me wrong.

When She Fusses Over His Baby Pics

Chrishell starts a game in the office by asking the new agents if they can tell Jason and his twin brother, Brett, apart. She boasts that she can and then proceeds to scroll through pics of him as a kid. Sorry, but this is Flirting 101.

When He Helps Her Close

Although she did all of the dirty work, she first hugs Jason to thank him for helping her negotiate a final deal. I mean, look at this (cue Ursula voice) body language.

He Really Had Her Back

You know how he knows this? Pillow talk, friends.

Look At That Baby Fever

Chrishell doesn't even care that he's holding Christine Quinn's child, she is downright smitten to see Jason in dad mode. The pheromones are out.

Flirting Over Cheap Wine

At an Oppenheim Group get together, Chrishell teases Jason about the quality of the company wine, which he has displayed in a glass case in his home. Go back and watch it because the whole thing just screams, "I'm thinking about having sex with you later, despite your lack of hair and taste in wine." That's true love.

That Entire Simu Liu Meeting

When Simu comes into the Oppenheim Group and is very clearly flirting with a very receptive Chrishell, Jason looks like his whole head is going to pop off.

Watermelon Sugar

Christine takes it upon herself to explain to Maya what Harry Styles is really talking about when he talks about watermelon sugar. Jason looks on bemused throughout before changing the subject after Chrishell references her "orchid." "Thank you for that, Chrishell," he says, almost visibly blushing.

The Yacht Party

Jason looks visibly stressed throughout that Heather Young planned on setting Chrishell up with one of Tarek's friends at their yacht party. After things go awry and the guy who doesn't even deserve a name tries to stop her from dancing, Jason admits that she does, indeed, look hot.

The Final Fight

This is quite frankly the best piece of evidence that by the time of the big announcement party, Chrishell and Jason had already done the nasty. He attempts to mend things between her and Christine and repeatedly has her back. Not as a boss trying to keep the peace, but a boss who is fucking one employee and not the other. The way she turns to him in conflict (and after some booze) and even the way they are standing...this is boyfriend-girlfriend stuff.

What Chrishell Wants

Also, let's not forget the awkward convo she has with Heather at the party about dating someone on her level that she can just get along with. It's Jason, guys! And she's not telling anyone yet. I'll eat crow if they really started up together after filming this last party, but, let's be real. They've been doing it all along.

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