Why Is Kevin Always Involved In Cults On 'Riverdale'?

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Why Is Kevin Always Involved In Cults On 'Riverdale'?

We need to talk about Kevin. In last week's episode of Riverdale, "Reservoir Dogs," it was revealed that Kevin had taken a job music directing at the Blossom family's latest money-making scheme/"church." He looked a little too comfortable singing Jesus Christ Superstar to a crowd of indoctrinated patrons — and that shouldn't sit well for anyone who knows Kevin's history.

You see, Kevin has a serious problem with cults...in that he was very much in one. Remember back in Season 3, when Chad Michael Murray's cult reared its head, and turned half of Riverdale High students into self-professed "Farmies?" Kevin signed his soul over after just a few rehearsals of Heathers: The Musical. Yeah, it took Kevin a little too long to snap out of that whole thing, even going so far as to betray Betty — the Farm's enemy number one — in service of the group.

While Kevin initially pointed out to Cheryl that he didn't exactly vibe with her service, it took just a few encouraging words from the HBIC for Kevin to decide that he actually could get onboard with the Blossom's new organization. That's not exactly what I would call a careful consideration of the matter — that's being manipulated, again, by a charismatic leader. Sure, Cheryl's a friend, but let's not forget that Cheryl also kept the dead body of her twin brother propped up like an American Girl Doll for months.

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