What If The Mothmen Are Just The 'Riverdale' Version Of Mole People?

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What If The Mothmen Are Just The 'Riverdale' Version Of Mole People?

Sad but true: Riverdale will be on hiatus until July, meaning that we have all the clues that we'll have until the show's return about the truth behind the Mothmen, who may or may not have kidnapped Jughead. Fortunately, there's no shortage of theories as to who these Mothmen might be — and I think I may have figured it out.

In Season 5's "The Pincushion Man," Jughead ingests some maple mushrooms so that he can free his mind and, hopefully, crank out some pages for his editor. In an insanely dumb move on the typically brilliant Tabitha's part, she handcuffs Jughead to his desk in the bunker overnight, so that he can actually get some work done. (Tabitha, darling, there were candles in the bunker. Were you trying to kill this man?) When Tabitha returns, there's blood everywhere, and Jughead is MIA. Eep!

Image: The CW

It's this moment that got me thinking: Why are we so sure that the Mothmen are aliens? Yes, the "lights" at the diner, Dreyfus' story about his friends being taken in a spaceship, and the shriveled body that Nana Blossom presented to Jughead certainly do scream Signs vibes, but for all of Riverdale's insanity, "it was aliens" just doesn't really fit with the tone of the show we've been watching for the past five seasons. However, what might fit is if the Mothmen came not from the sky, but from the ground below Riverdale instead.

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