Is The Mothman On 'Riverdale' Real? This New Mystery May Be The Most Bizarre Yet

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Is The Mothman On 'Riverdale' Real? This New Mystery May Be The Most Bizarre Yet

Forget the Gargoyle King and the Riverdale Reaper. The latest piece of town lore introduced in Wednesday's "Back to School" episode, may be the most bizarre yet. Meet the Riverdale Mothman, a real-life legend that extends beyond the town with pep.

In Season 5 episode "Back to School," Jughead — instructed by his agent to write a novel about his small town, as though that wasn't what he already did with his thinly-veiled Riverdale-centric debut The Outcasts gets a tip from possible new love interest Tabitha to talk to a man named Dreyfus, who has quite the tale. Dreyfus doesn't have a phone or any real connection to the outside world, but he does have a story about the Mothman. As Dreyfus tells Jughead, the Mothman is an angel or alien or some other kind of creature who, once upon a time, briefly kidnapped his fellow miners one by one. The Mothman, who supposedly lives in the caves outside of Riverdale, returned each miner the next day, and ever since, Dreyfus has wondered why he wasn't invited aboard the Mothman's starship.

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It's a crazy story — not to mention a pretty sad one, when you think about it for too long — and shockingly, Jughead kinda, sorta believes it. When he researches Mothman's fellow miners, he learns that all three of them died from cancer, musing that this could be a result of the radiation from the spaceship. (He seemingly forgets that these miners were probably also exposed to less-than-ideal conditions when they worked in the mines.)

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