'Riverdale' Writer Evan Kyle Dropped A Bombshell During Our Clubhouse Chat

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'Riverdale' Writer Evan Kyle Dropped A Bombshell During Our Clubhouse Chat

Riverdale writer Evan Kyle feels your pain. "I really feel bad for other people, because even I'm hurting that we have to wait three months," he told us during The Dipp's Thursday night Clubhouse, held just 24 hours after The CW series left us reeling over the fate of Jughead, and, well, pretty much everyone in the town we've grown to know, love, and obsess over.

Though we won't get any definitive answers to the midseason finale until the series returns in July (yet one more reason to count down the days until summer), Kyle joined The Dipp's Executive Editor Allison Piwowarski, Riverdale superfan Macy Jones (the woman behind the account @nocontextrvd), and fans to fill us in on what we might see in upcoming episodes.

During the conversation, Evan discussed the episode's cliffhangers, and hinted at what we can expect from the likes of Reggie ("He still has heart to him"), Chad ("Never trust anybody with the first letters of 'ch'"), and Polly: "You will definitely get answers, because how long can you really tug on Betty and Alice's heart?"

And, of course, we talked ships — including the fact that Jughead has "things to hash out" with Betty.

That is, if we find Jughead, following his disappearance in the finale. Though Evan couldn't give too many details about what happened to our favorite Riverdale author, Evan admitted he too has questions. "I want to know how hard it is to make a sauce out of maple mushrooms," he said, laughing.

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