What Happened To Jughead On 'Riverdale'? His Maple Mushroom Trip Turned Ugly

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What Happened To Jughead On 'Riverdale'? His Maple Mushroom Trip Turned Ugly

I'll get right to it. Jughead Jones does drugs. Specifically, psychedelic mushrooms that allow him to confront his deep traumas and writer's block. A two-for-the-price-of-one deal, if you ask me. And thanks to some maple mushrooms — which are either this recipe from Food.com or the Riverdale-equivalent of Shrooms — we now are left wondering what happened to Jughead in the Riverdale mid-season finale.

There are a few options, and all of them lead to a very bloody manuscript of his new book, Transubstantiation. Following a night of hallucinations — one including Betty, congratulations Bughead fans — Tabitha Tate found Jughead's book, bloody handprints, and bloody handcuffs in the bunker where he did his trip. Only problem was, there was no Jughead.

So what happened to the guy that keeps getting almost-murdered on this show?

The Mothman Came For Him (Or So He Thinks)

Yeah, Riverdale is flirting with some weird stuff when it comes to the Mothman and we're quite frankly no closer to understanding it than when we were first introduced to it a handful of episodes ago. What we do know is that Jughead has been incredibly distracted by the tales of the Mothmen and has even hallucinated seeing them in his bathroom prior to the midseason finale. Is it crazy to think that this creepy alien-like figure couldn't join him in his psychedelic dreams?

The Mothership Has Come For Him

Does this kind of go along with the Mothmen theory, but perhaps Jughead is getting beamed up for some experiments. Weirder things have happened, you guys and it would explain that beam that he and Pop Tate/Nana Rose saw outside Pop's.

He Had A Bad Trip

The most likely, and also Most Boring answer is that Jughead Jones can't hang. If Jughead had a bad trip (despite finishing what appears to be an entire book), he could have believed he was seeing something and squeezed his hands out of the safety handcuffs only to injure himself by doing so. It would not only explain the bloody cuffs and the bloody book, but the trail of blood seen heading to the door of the bunker.

Needless to say, I think it's only fair that we stop trying to kill Jughead. The guy has trauma — that we're apparently not allowed to know about at this time — and has a deadline to meet so he can be featured in Pop Culture Weekly. This is a spot that usually goes to STEPHEN KING. We can't be losing him now. (Also, kudos to Jughead for being talented enough to knock Stephen King out of a book excerpt spot, but not have enough money for his maple mushrooms. That, my friends, is called balance.)

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