No, You Didn't Imagine That 'Riverdale' Promo — It Happened

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No, You Didn't Imagine That 'Riverdale' Promo — It Happened

We always knew the good old days of fitting in high school classes between murder investigations and mob deals couldn't last forever. It's time for the kids of Riverdale to grow up, and what better way to do that than fast forwarding into the future. The Riverdale promo for episode 5x04 teases the time jump, giving fans a look at where the gang will be seven years into the future. And to quote Archie, there's... a lot "of catching up to do."

In 5x03, "Graduation," fans saw Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica part ways after graduation to never be seen again. Just kidding, but it will be seven years until the gang reunites (they bailed on Jughead at Pop's Diner, which is kinda un cool?) for a "new crisis, mystery." I smell another serial killer!

And if there's a new serial killer in town, that can only mean one thing: we're going back to Riverdale High, where all crimes are solved.

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Seven years later and Riverdale doesn't seem to have changed a bit. Still dark, still murdery. Still really fucking weird. Let's break down the promo for clues about what might be ahead.

Archie's War

Image: The CW via TV Promos/YouTube

Archie is back from war, but will clearly have some kind of PTSD. In what might be a dream or hallucination, Archie is fighting a war on the Riverdale High football field before getting injured. He wakes up in a hospital bed being told he's heading home. "Home?" Archie says, as if he's literally never heard of the place. It's the name of your show, bro!

Image: The CW via TV Promos/YouTube

It's possible Archie — also with a fresh haircut — may have some type of amnesia, after all later in the promo he teases that the crew has "lots to catch up on." He would definitely have a lot to catch up on if he doesn't remember his time at Riverdale High. Although, he could probably pick up Jughead's book to find out what he went through all those years ago. Which brings us to...

Jughead's Novel

Image: The CW via TV Promos/YouTube

Jughead is a "published author" now, but he seems to be struggling. It's unclear if he lives in Riverdale or not, but my guess is that he'll go back to his hometown to look for some inspiration for his next novel (wherever he is at the start of the time jump might not have enough murder for him). And, while he and Betty broke up before college, it looks like he's probably still thinking about his high school sweetheart. He's even still using the typewriter Betty gave him, which is not only impractical but very expensive to maintain. Digitize man!

Image: The CW via TV Promos/YouTube

Veronica's Husband

Image: The CW via TV Promos/YouTube

Jughead's voice over doesn't mention Veronica having a job, but she did get married. She introduces Archie to her new husband, Chadwick. But what's more interesting is the fact that, based on Archie's "Riverdale RROTC" sweatshirt, she's at Riverdale High. Why is this glamorous New York City socialite back in Riverdale? She's holding a mug of coffee — not a disposable cup — which also suggests she might work there.

Image: The CW via TV Promos/YouTube

Is she the new principal? A guidance counselor? This scene also confirms that Archie works at Riverdale High in some capacity. So, I'd be down for a little illicit affair in the workplace should Varchie start back up again.

Betty's Trauma

Image: The CW via TV Promos/YouTube

Betty is an FBI agent, Jughead's voice over says, and she is seeking therapy! I have to say, this is probably the most responsible thing anyone has ever done on the show. They all need it. BADLY.

But it doesn't look like her therapist is talking about her dad being a serial killer, a boy impersonating her brother being a serial killer, or her actual brother being a serial killer. Flashbacks show Betty in a dark hole, being taunted by a man in black à la Silence of the Lambs.

Image: The CW via TV Promos/YouTube

Could this be the Black Hood 2.0? How long was Betty abducted by this shadowy figure? This girl really can't catch a break.

Based on some official Riverdale time jump photos and Jughead's ominous narration, it looks like Betty might return to Riverdale to work on a case. Or, she's forced to take time off to deal with her mysterious new "trauma" and simply finds a serial killer along the way. As one does in the town with pep!


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