Ranking All The 'Riverdale' Siblings From Least To Most Villainous

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Ranking All The 'Riverdale' Siblings From Least To Most Villainous

Most of the villains on Riverdale happen to be the parents of its heroes. Whether they're orchestrating an elaborate scheme to take over the town in order to build a private prison or straight-up murdering "sinners," there is much to be wary about with the PTA crowd.

However, lately, it's not the parents who are leaving Riverdale viewers shocked with their shady shenanigans. Instead, it's the siblings of Riverdale who are raising hell all over town — and could even be more villainous than their parents.

Of course, not all of the Riverdale gang's siblings are bad news. Some are, err, just complicated. And one is dead. Still, with so many siblings behaving badly on The CW show, it's worth ranking them from the least to most villainous.

Which Riverdale sib would you least prefer to find yourself trapped in an elevator with? Here's a definitive list, ranked from least to most evil.

Josie McCoy & Kevin Keller

Image: The CW

Okay, so technically, these aren't siblings of Riverdale's main crew — they are just a part of the gang. (Now that Katy Keene was tragically cancelled, will Josie return to Riverdale? Only time will tell!) These two, however, count in my book as the best that Riverdale's siblings have to offer. The stepsibs have each other's back, haven't killed anyone thus far, and are all around full of blended family cuteness. More Kevin and Josie hijinks in Season 5, please!

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