Rest In Peace Jughead's Hat

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Rest In Peace Jughead's Hat

Aside from murder, the only thing that has remained a constant on Riverdale is Jughead's beanie (one of the few lingering nods to the Archie comics). But, alas, all good (or bad) things must come to an end. In Wednesday's episode, "Graduation," Jughead finally takes off the beanie and throws it into a time capsule, ushering in not only a new era of Riverdale, but a major relief for us, his scalp, and his friends. (There's no way the gang wasn't constantly talking about it behind his back.)

The loss of Jughead's beanie is also a major departure from Jughead in the Archie comics. Every version or adaption of Jughead has included some type of hat. Even in the '90s when the character had a mohawk, he still had the hat. Of course, this wasn't Jughead's original beanie — that was thrown into the fire during the Stonewall Prep debacle when the gang was trying to convince the Preppies that Jughead really had died in the woods. When it was revealed that he was still alive, Betty did what many any teen girlfriend would do — she knit him a new one.

Riverdale has long big adieu to any strict ties to the Archie comics (see: consistent murders), aside from once-in-a-while nods to the 1950s when it comes to costuming and a vintage cars. Saying goodbye to the hat might merely be a marker that the time jump coming in Season 5 means a more adult, timely version of Riverdale. But it might also be a sign that darker things — yes, even darker than having your brother's corpse at dinner — are coming.

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