Updates On Jen Shah’s Arrest, Charges, & Court Appearances

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Updates On Jen Shah’s Arrest, Charges, & Court Appearances

If you thought Jen Shah was a lot in Season 1 of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, just wait until you see what she's brought for Season 2. On Tuesday, March 30, Shah was arrested on federal charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering. The story has been rapidly unfolding from there, and we at The Dipp are keeping a close eye on any and all developments to fulfill all your Jen Shah update needs. (Per a response from the network, Bravo will not be commenting on the news, and Shah has yet to release a statement.)

Want to be the most active and educated one in your group text? Here's everything you need to know about Jen Shah's arrest. (And check back for continuing updates on the biggest story to hit SLC since Mary said Jen smelled like hospital.)

Tues., March 30 (The Day Of...)

  • Shah was arrested on Tuesday in Salt Lake City after she was indicted in a Manhattan federal court.
  • Her assistant, Stuart Smith, was also arrested as part of the indictment, which claims that the two of them were part of a telemarketing scheme.
  • Manhattan U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss described her alleged crimes saying Shah and Smith "allegedly sold 'lead lists' of innocent individuals for other members of their scheme to repeatedly scam." This allegedly involved scamming many people over the age of 55 into buying sham services, like tax prep or management services.
  • In a press release from the Southern District of New York, Shah and Smith "are each charged with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing... which carries a maximum sentence of 30 years and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years."
  • The local judge did not keep Shah and Smith in custody. However, they did set conditions for the reality star's release, which, per reporter John Franchi, included "commit no federal offense while on release, must appear [in court] as required, no travel outside of UT except to appear in court in NY, no international travel, avoid contact with co-defendants, no engagement in telemarketing."
  • Variety's Kate Aurthur reports that sources have confirmed that Shah was filming RHOSLC prior to her arrest. Shah was reportedly filming earlier that morning, and left suddenly "saying there was an emergency with her husband." The sources claimed that federal law enforcement appeared on set looking for Shah soon after she left. "They found her, and she was arrested," Aurthur wrote. "The cameras were rolling, but the source wasn't sure whether law enforcement had forced them to stop filming."
  • The moment we were all waiting for: Shah is photographed leaving the courthouse.
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Wed., March 31

  • Shah is expected to appear in New York court virtually from Utah at 11 a.m. PT.
  • Fox13's Winslow reports that the case against Shah is part of a larger telemarketing fraud case involving 11 other defendants. 10 defendants have been indicted since 2019 relating to the scheme, and four have reportedly entered guilty pleas.
  • Shah's New York court appearance has been delayed to 8 a.m. PT on Friday, April 2, after technical difficulties delayed the proceedings on Wednesday. According to Winslow, who live-tweeted the attempted arraignment, the conference call for the hearing was packed with reporters and they had trouble connecting with Shah and her attorney. Once connected, there were other technical difficulties, as more people joined the call, and the judge was forced to reschedule to convene with IT.
  • Reporter Dave Quinn also tweeted about the call, saying that "the government is interested in proposing changes to the defendants bail condition."
  • Heather Gay has entered the chat:
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Fri., April 2

  • Jen Shah pleads "not guilty" to charges of fraud and money laundering
  • It is revealed during the arraignment that Jen does not own the Shah Chalet or any other properties.
  • Smith also plead "not guilty"
  • Assistant US attorney Kiersten Fletcher said: “As your honor is aware, there was a long-running investigation and two criminal cases related to this telemarketing scheme,” Fletcher said. “The defendants both Stuart Smith and Jennifer Shah are really at the highest level of the scheme as it’s charged.”
  • Bail was set for $1 million; since she's a flight risk, according to the judge, Jen has 2 weeks to turn over $250,000 or go to jail.
  • Her trial is set for October 18.
  • Then there's this:
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  • A source claimed to Page Six that Bravo's background check couldn't have found out about Jen's alleged criminal activity.
  • Jen had her hair done before her virtual court appearance.

Sat., April 3

  • After her court appearance, Shah addressed her fans on social media. "Thank you for being loyal, believing in me and not believing the hype," Shah wrote on her Instagram Story Saturday, sharing a "Free Jen" graphic, per Us Weekly. "This journey has showed me who my true friends are. All my love. #ShahSquad."

Sun., April 4

  • Shah continued to post on social media, commenting on a supportive Instagram post form the fan account @4realshahsquad. "Thank you SHAHSQUAD ❤️. Your support means everything to me and my family. ILY," she wrote.

Mon., April 5

  • Court documents obtained by Radar Online reveal some conditions of her release as she awaits trial. In addition to turning over her passport, Shah cannot withdraw assets exceeding $5000 from her corporate or personal accounts. She is also not allowed to drink or do drugs.
  • Shah can reportedly continue filming RHOSLC during her release.
  • She's fully back on social media. On Monday, she started off the day reposting stories from fans watching the RHOSLC marathon on Bravo.
  • Andy Cohen commented on Shah's arrest, telling listeners of his SiriusXM show, "I'm waiting to see how it plays out. I have nothing to add to what we already know, other than I certainly hope and pray that none of it is true."

Check back here for more updates as the story develops.


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