Noella's boyfriend, Bobby Schubenski deep dive

We all saw Noella go through some… tough times (to say the least) on this season of RHOC. Her divorce from Sweet James was, while sad, kind of iconic for a premiere season, though right? I mean she seems to have come out on top, in terms of having a new BF and seemingly being in love! Good for her — I feel like she needs that stability in her life, and frankly, deserves it after the year she’s had.

I didn’t realize she was dating someone until the finale / part 1 reunion, so I did what I do best, and did a deep dive on the guy. First of all, his name is Bobby Schubenski. And here are more details I found around the web.

- He is from Pennsylvania (perhaps near Pittsburgh) originally, but I’m not sure he lives there anymore since he once posted an IG saying he was “missing his family on the East coast”

- Here’s his IG btw Lots and lots and lots of different hair colors.

- Not to be sus, but he didn’t use his IG much until about a week ago… which seems conveniently timed to when Noella mentioned him on the reunion. JUST SAYING!

- He’s a host of a Twitch show, which goes so above my head… supposedly it’s called Danny Wimmer Presents: Space Zebra

- He (and a partner) own a clothing company called Blackcraft Cult which describes itself on their website as “BlackCraft Cult are firm believers that you don’t need God or any organized belief system in order to be a good person. To be kind to all man and animal kind, and do positive things for others. … At BlackCraft, we live by the ethos of kindness, gratitude, and positivity. We celebrate self-empowerment, self-expression, and all aspects of life that encourage personal freedom.”

- Here’s the clothing brand’s website:

- At one point, he did live out in Penny with his ex-fiance, Milena Roucka, who was formerly known as Rosa Mendes in WWE and Total Divas (so he has a type for reality tv stars? LOL)

- Him and Roucka have a daughter, Jordan, who has 62k followers on IG (and just started Kindergarten in fall 2021)

- He and Noella supposedly met years ago during a dinner, and became closer during lockdown

- He bought her an adult toy company (called Playland?) that they just got trademarked so IDK if that’s actually a thing anymore or if we’re gonna be waiting a long long time for those products much like Joggers.

What do you guys think? I guess… as long as she’s happy? I think a lot of the drama she brought to this season was coming from boredom / her own misery, which again, I don’t blame her! I’d be miz too if all that stuff happened to me… days into starting filming a reality show!