Where Does Wendy Osefo's Glow Up Rank Among 'Housewives' Makeovers?

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Where Does Wendy Osefo's Glow Up Rank Among 'Housewives' Makeovers?

On the Real Housewives of Potomac, I don't buy into the rumor that Wendy Osefo changed her look and behavior because there’s something up in her marriage. Honestly, I think she saw the way she looked in her debut season and wanted to glow up. She got some plastic surgery, some sexier clothes, a new attitude, and... it's not because Eddie supposedly cheated. It's her second season! Glowing up is what Housewives do.

Most Housewives have changed quite a bit since their debut season. From the OGs of the OC to icons of Beverly Hills, let’s round up some of the greatest Housewives makeovers from each franchise to see where Wendy lands.

#7. Real Housewives of Orange County - Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki Season 1. Image: BRAVO

Vicki Gunvalson, the Housewife of all Housewives. The OG. Vicki and the rest of the RHOC Season 1 cast had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they started this journey. Little did they know that they would be the first of many franchises of a hit reality TV series that would continue running strong 15 years later... so let’s be mindful of that when we look at Vicki’s makeover transformation.

We first met Vicki in 2006 and she looked like your childhood friend's fun mom. She was wealthy, had her own business, and was extremely proud of it. And she dressed like she was going to a fiesta every weekend.

Vicki Season 14. Image: BRAVOBRAVO

Throughout her 14 years on RHOC, she hasn’t shied away from plastic surgery including a face lift, nose job, and chin implant. Vicki’s makeover is completely drastic and she previously defended her choices, explaining that it’s her life and she just wants to feel her very best.

While I can love Vicki for being the Housewife icon that she is, I don’t love her drastic glow up. I’m more of a get-all-the-surgery-you-want-as-long-as-it looks-somewhat-natural type of gal and Vicki’s makeover comes at us HARD.

#6. Real Housewives of Dallas - LeeAnne Locken

LeeAnne, Season 1. Image: BRAVO

LeeAnne Locken was the villain of Real Housewives of Dallas from the very beginning. Personally, I credit her for the success of the first season of RHOD, though that doesn’t mean I was a fan. I could only take so much of the doody talk - if you know what I’m talking about and I apologize for bringing you back to that dark place of Housewives history.

While LeeAnne was known for being the carny girl turned wanna-be Texas charity-world socialite, she was also known for her crazy Saw-looking blush. Along with her aggressive attitude and makeup was the typical, proper Texas woman attire. Bright colors, chunky jewelry, and dark hair.

LeeAnne, early 2021. Image: INSTAGRAM

In her sophomore season and the seasons to follow, she lightened up her hair, toned down the makeup and stepped up her designer clothes – seemingly loving all things Gucci. She also admitted to having Botox, a topic of contention between her and Cary Deuber in Season 2.

LeeAnne’s glow up definitely took her from Texas carpool parent to a woman who knew she was the face of RHOD - heavy on the was. We all know how LeeAnne’s time on RHOD ended and that definitely was NOT a good look for her.

#5. Real Housewives of New York - Ramona Singer

Ramona Season 1. Image: BRAVO

Oh, Ramona. A true icon in the Real Housewives universe, whether you love her or hate her. Ramona started off her Housewife journey looking like exactly what she was – an upper Manhattan wife and mom who was trying to be just a little more youthful and sexy. She proudly owned up to trying whatever new procedure or product was out there to help her look younger, and she loved to show off her body from the get go. She was beautiful, quirky, and brought all the drama with her unfiltered personality.

As RHONY took off, Ramona’s life changed quite drastically when she divorced Mario, her husband of more than 20 years, during Season 6. While Ramona had some hair changes in the previous seasons to switch up her look (remember Turtle Time Ramona?), the divorce brought out a new woman. A hilarious, shamelessly flirty Ramona with sexy mini dresses and a boob job that she shared with everyone any chance she got.

Ramona, August, 2021. Image: INSTAGRAM

Ramona admitted to wanting to feel good after her divorce and said she had plastic surgery for herself. She has been transparent about all the work she’s gotten (including botox and a potential facelift, which she never confirmed) and while the list might be longer than your average woman, I have to give credit where credit is due. Ramona has aged beautifully and it’s hard to believe she’s 64. She has her own skincare line that she swears by, Ageless by Ramona, and still hits the gym regularly. I can only hope to look as good as Ramona when I hit my 60s and/or be able to afford everything she had done.

#4. Real Housewives of New Jersey - Melissa Gorga

Melissa's first season. Image: BRAVO

New Jersey: a state of such unique taste in fashion, makeup, decor, and pretty much everything else. Although we first heard about Melissa Gorga before she even joined the cast during the Season 2 RHONJ reunion (remember when Teresa and Danielle almost got into a fight and Teresa pushed Andy? Good times!) Melissa officially joined the cast in Season 3, 2011 and fit right in with her typical Jersey look, which is to say, dark voluminous hair, smoky eyes, and of course, animal print.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like this look wasn’t everything of the sort back in 2011. With the popularity of MTV’s Jersey Shore, looking like a mob wife wasn’t far from trendy at the time. It only took Melissa two seasons to glow up and she switched up her hair color and got a nose job, quickly going from Jersey Shore to J. Lo vibes.

Melissa, summer 2021. Image: INSTAGRAM

When talking to Glamour magazine about her motivation behind getting work done, she admits it’s from seeing herself in Season 1 and not liking the way she looked. You can shop her style at Envy by Melissa Gorga. Her glow up is most definitely at 100.

#3. Real Housewives of Potomac - Wendy Osefo

Wendy, 2019. Image: INSTAGRAM

Okay, Wendy, you’re up! As we’re currently living through Wendy’s glow up, we’ve learned that Wendy got her butt, boobs, and tummy done and along with a new body, of course, comes a new wardrobe.

In her debut season, Wendy was very much giving Professor vibes – elegant and mostly conservative. What’s important to note, as Wendy explains, is that RHOP Season 5 began filming just one month after her daughter was born. As she entered her sophomore season, I believe she just wanted to feel like herself again, and also wanted to step it all the way up with her wardrobe... hence the bodysuit-thong-outside-the-sweatsuit look.

Wendy's sophomore season. Image: INSTAGRAM

Wendy’s surgery is one of the best I’ve personally ever seen (her plastic surgeon is Dr. Joseph Michaels, who is also, fun fact, Dolores Catania’s doctor). Her glow up is amazing.

#2. Real Housewives of Atlanta - Kim Zolciak-Biermann

Kim, Season 1. Image: BRAVO

Now you know we had to talk about Kim Zolciak-Biermann, the LEGEND. Kim graced us with her presence on Season 1 of RHOA in 2008 and she quickly got viewers talking about her lifestyle, relationship, and her age. Now I’m not one to age-shame by any means, but viewers absolutely speculated about this woman claiming she was 30 (she, in fact, was 30 at the time) but her whole look could have made you think otherwise.

The outfit, the lipstick, the WIG! Now to give Kim some credit, it’s not like the rest of the cast looked glamorous in comparison. This was only the second Housewife franchise ever and I’m sure the ladies didn’t think they’d get catapulted into fame the way they did after its popular debut.

Kim, 2020. Image: INSTAGRAM

It took Kim only two seasons to upgrade and elevate her look with a new wig and new glam, which made her face look more youthful but also, noticeably different. Kim would go on to meet the love of her life on TV (one of the most iconic Housewives moments in my book) and have four more kids.

She’s not one to shy away from sharing her life, as we all know, and in 2016 she opened up about having a boob job, tummy tuck and obviously, lip filler.

#1. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Kyle Richards

Kyle, Season 1. Image: BRAVO

Beverly Hills is the city of glam and this cast is no stranger to plastic surgery, designer clothes and glam bills that run $40,000 a month (yikes, that didn’t age well). Kyle Richards is one of the all-time top Housewives and she has always understood the assignment.

Kyle had several factors that set her up to be a fabulous housewife and a fan favorite; she was a former actress, Paris and Nicky Hilton’s aunt, and lead an expensive lifestyle that she shared with her hot husband and stunning family.

When I think of Kyle’s debut season, I think of her iconic long hair, her emerald earrings (that were actually an imitation of the earrings Angelina Jolie previously wore), her bright and colorful mumu dresses, and of course, I think of her explosive fight with her sister Kim Richards in the back of a limo.

Kyle, 2021. Image: INSTAGRAM

It wasn’t until recently that Kyle first experimented with her hair by chopping it into a bob, and then went even more dramatic when she got bangs for the remake of Halloween in which she will reprise her role as Lindsey Wallace.

While her haircuts definitely changed up her look, it wasn’t until 2020 that Kyle had a nose job after breaking it. Immediately fans could tell something was different about her face and different it was - she looks incredible. It’s crazy how much a nose job changes things. She’s left behind the colorful mumus (except while on vacation) and her style is much more sexy and chic, including wearing designers such as Fendi, Gucci, and Chanel. She even has her own fashion line, Kyle x Shahida, where you can shop her similar style.

Kyle’s glow up is the top on my list for the simple reason of her still looking as beautiful as she did 11 years ago, only somehow, even better.


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