Kyle Richards' Nose Job Is The Star Of 'RHOBH' Season 11

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Kyle Richards' Nose Job Is The Star Of 'RHOBH' Season 11

Housewives' plastic surgery is nothing new. But a Housewife really, truly owning her plastic surgery? Shit *takes an intense sip of fresh-squeezed lemonade* that is refreshing. I applaud Kyle Richards' new nose and how open she was about it in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 premiere.

In the first scene, we see Kyle tell Lisa Rinna that she broke her nose while filming Halloween and so told the doctor, "Well, if you're going to fix that, make it cuter."

We're then transported to a flashback in the operating room where we hear the doctor say it will prevent her nose (??) from aging (??) and it's then and there I learned that I should probably start thinking about some sort of nose anti-aging cream that costs more than my laptop.

Image: Screenshot/ Bravo

Kyle goes on to say in her to-camera interview that her new nose takes 10 years off her face, and who am I to argue. I mean, it does look great! Her old nose was great too — she definitely looked more like her niece Paris Hilton before the break/nip/tuck — but you know what they say: a new nose keeps the decades away.

Kyle went to Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants of Glendale for the procedure, and I know this, of course, because she tagged him on Instagram. I'm sure if the Sistine Chapel was a person who had social media, they would have tagged Michelangelo, so it just makes sense.

Here are Kyle's before and after photos that she posted on her Instagram Stories back in October and November of 2020:

Source: Kyle Richards/Instagram
Source: Kyle Richards/Instagram

Inject this type of honestly right into my crow's feet like 40 ccs of Botox and call me good looking, because I love it. And Dr. G, if you're reading this, I volunteer as tribute for whatever you've got cooking up over there. Paint me like one of your Beverly Hills girls!

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