Where Is The 'RHOSLC' We Were Promised?

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Where Is The 'RHOSLC' We Were Promised?

The idea of Salt Lake City and our little snowflake queens has always been a breath of fresh. From the mountain views to the snowscapes, it was exciting to watch RHOSLC every single week in Season 1, because we didn't know who these women were, we didn't have any preconceived notions, and we had no idea what the storylines would be. It was a thrill. And then Season 2 rolled around, and we all got excited about watching Jen Shah's arrest. Plus, the Season 2 trailer was amazing.

But, for some reason this season, I find myself just not caring about what is going on. I tune out, walk out of the room to see what my cat is doing, or have to rewind five times because I look up from my phone and realize I haven't been watching for 12 minutes. And I'm just confused as to why this is.

It's not that there are no storylines or anything, but there's nothing to sink my teeth into! Here's why.

The trailer over-promised

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Whew. When we got our thirsty grubby little hands on that trailer for Season 2, we went fucking nuts. Dissecting every single scene, every word, every look. It was explosive, drama filled, there was a god damn helicopter. It was everything we wanted. But so far, the season hasn't lived up to any of this. It's all a waiting game for more of Jen's big arrest, and it's, well, boring.

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